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Impeachment Hearings – Day 4

Impeachment Hearings – Day 4

Impeachment hearings on Day 4 start’s off with Ambassador Gordan Sondland, the ambassador to the E.U.

As with all of our streaming video’s we will comment on them as the day goes by.

Ambassador Sondland, in his opening statement, said there was quid pro quo, under questioning from Chairman Schiff he stated that Trump wanted an investigation into corruption, but never once was any mention of the Bidens included.

The question was if there had to be an announcement if there was going to be military aid, the Ambassador said, “I likely did!”

When asked by the Ambassador about what was wanted, Trump replied, “I don’t want any quid pro quo, I just want him to do the right thing!”

Chairman Schiff tried to press that the president said he wanted quid pro quo, but this was not coming from the president, rather from his lawyer, Juliani. Chairman Schiff tried to lead the ambassador to say what the intent was, the ambassador did not agree to it.

The majority council tried to get the ambassador to say that he demanded an investigation of the Biden’s, he said he never did, he asked for the investigation to be done with the business that Biden’s son worked for, but they were not mentioned by name.

The questions continued to persist, the demands was that Trump specifically stated that Trump said aid was going to be withheld until the investigation started, but the Ambassador stated that never once did Trump tell him to get the promise to investigate or no aid.

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The Democrats spent the rest of the conversation trying to get the Ambassador to admit to something he was not able to recall.

In the end, one thing came out of this, when Trump was asked if he was going to set up a halt on shipments until the agreement to investigate he said, “I want Nothing. There is No Quid Pro Quo. All I want is for Zelensky to do the right thing.”

The smoking gun for the Democrats turned out to shoot blanks.

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