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Impeachment Hearings – Day 5

Impeachment Hearings – Day 5

As with all the other impeachment hearings, we will post the link to the live broadcast, it will later be recorded, will give comments throughout the day on what was said and if any evidence came out one way or the other.

The two witnesses today were Dr. Hill and Mr. Holmes, Dr. Hill is a director for the National Intelligence Agencies for Europe. Dr. Hill is a senior foreign service officer in Ukraine.

Before the hearings even started off, Trump was posting on twitter, he had this to say:

We found out that Holmes formerly served as a top adviser to fired U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. He stated in his opening statement, where he accused Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko of working to discredit then-Ambassador Yovanovitch. ” Mr. Lutsenko made a series of unsupported allegations against Ambassador Yovanovitch, mostly suggesting that Ambassador Yovanovitch improperly used the Embassy to advance the political interests of the Democratic party.” “Mr. Lutsenko publically claimed that Ambassador Yovanovitch had given him a “do not prosecute list” containing the names of her supposed allies, an allegation that the State Department called an “outright fabrication,” and that Mr. Lutsenko later retracted”

Hill Testified gave her opening statement next, said she has “served our country under three presidents: in my most recent capacity under President Trump, as well as in my former position of National Intelligence Officer for Russia and Eurasia under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In that role, I was the Intelligence Community’s senior expert on Russia and the former Soviet republics, including Ukraine.”

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