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In A Continuing Downward Spiral, Biden Is Now Under 50% Approval Rating In Blue State He Won By 29 Points

In A Continuing Downward Spiral, Biden Is Now Under 50% Approval Rating In Blue State He Won By 29 Points

Since Reagan has been a strong blue state for Democrat presidential hopefuls, California is now showing a lack of approval of the CIC we have in the White House. Biden won this state by 29 points over Trump, but now he can’t even pull a 50% approval rating from it. This could be a predictor of slaughter at the polls this fall, ad if this continues, the Democrats could be in danger of losing the state.

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Washington Free Beacon reports – According to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released Thursday, just 46 percent of likely California voters approve of Biden, while 51 percent disapprove. Those numbers mark a 19-point skid in just one year—a 2021 poll from the same group showed Biden with the support of 65 percent of likely voters in the Golden State. Biden won the support of roughly 60 percent of California voters in 2020.

In addition to Biden’s waning popularity, the Thursday poll shows that more than two-thirds of California adults are experiencing financial hardship due to inflation. Meanwhile, a record-high 46 percent of Californians “say the cost of their housing makes them and their family seriously consider moving,” with “most saying they would move outside the state.”

To add fuel to the Democrat dumpster fire, a new poll shows Joe’s not the only unpopular Democrat in America— Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California is the most unpopular Democrat in US Congress.


If the GOP can prevent mass mail voting fraud in this upcoming election, then take on Zuckerberg’s CTCL group, thus taking control back over local election officials. We should see a GOP sweep in many key states; with the loss of both the House and the Senate, the Democrats will be scrambling to get their core supporters to threaten riots if the GOP dares go after Biden.

The current moves to protect the elections have nothing to do with election integrity; it has everything to do with the left being able to control the election results and ensure their candidates win, even if they don’t.

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