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In New Hampshire Poll, Biden Would Lose To Sununu, Who Isn’t Even Ranked Nationally

In New Hampshire Poll, Biden Would Lose To Sununu, Who Isn’t Even Ranked Nationally
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Hardly anyone knows who Sununu is, yet in New Hampshire, Biden would even lose to him in polling done. This is not good when even an unknown would beat you out on a state level, and that is just one state.


The polling from New Hampshire Journal stated:

If the 2024 election were held today, and the two candidates for president were Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Chris Sununu, the GOP governor would trounce Biden in New Hampshire 53-36 percent.

That was just one of the many problematic findings for Biden from a new NHJournal poll released Monday night…

“New Hampshire voters are angry and frustrated, and these brutal numbers make clear that in November, they intend to hold President Biden fully accountable for everything, from inflation and a porous border to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars,” said veteran GOP strategist Jim Merrill, who has worked on multiple presidential campaigns in New Hampshire.

Respondents were given the standard “right track, wrong track” question in this survey. The “wrong track” choice was the pick by well over a two-to-one margin. (64-23 percent,) People were also asked to consider another serious crisis facing America, such as a war or a new pandemic. Would Joe Biden be “physically and mentally up to the job?” More than half (54 percent) said he would not. To his credit, a bit less than 41% said that they were either “somewhat” or “very” confident that he would be up to the task.

The Left will have you believe that the Climate is the number one thing on the minds of all, yet this is not the truth; here is a list of what the poll showed was most important to the people:

Sadly, with inflation only getting worse, Biden can’t seem to control the fuel price; he is utterly failing in the two most important things.

The politicians that have tied themselves to the hip of Biden, this is like wearing a chunk of radioactive material; it is going to do nothing but hasten the death of their political lives. Further, many politicians on the Left, who tied themselves to Biden, are now trying to put space between them and him, yet this is far too late; they will pay and do so dearly in the voting this fall as voters give voice to their displeasure.

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The worst part of this for the left? This is a deeply blue state, yet they show a preference for the GOP in polling.

At this point, I would say the best advertising on why to vote Republican is sitting in the White House; let him stay where he is. He ensures an overwhelming victory for the GOP this fall and two years from now in the presidential election.

New Hampshire, a deep blue state, shows Biden would lose against a GOP challenger if the election were held today.

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