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In spite of Big Tech, Major News and hundreds of Lawsuits, Trump has path to 270 In Sight.

In spite of Big Tech, Major News and hundreds of Lawsuits, Trump has path to 270 In Sight.

For a year, we heard that this election was between Trump and Biden, yet it wasn’t; Biden offered nothing other than he was not Trump. It was Big Tech, the major left-leaning news sites that Trump was really against, this and polling sites working in collaboration with these two to try to discourage Trump supporters from voting. Despite all of this, Trump right now has a clear path to victory, something he stated last night when he claimed victory.

At present, we are sitting with Biden at 238 electoral votes and Trump at 213, this does not look good at first glance, yet if you look at the states that have not yet declared a victory, you see that Trump has a path to 270, Biden does not.

At this time, we have Wisconsin and Nevada leaning slightly towards Biden, but with a slight issue, all the numbers are not yet in. In Wisconsin Biden is leading by 1,585,171votes to 1,577,999. With 95% of the votes in, Biden leads by 7,172 votes with over 125,000 votes yet to be counted; this could go any way.

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Nevada has Biden with a lead of 588,252 to 580,605, this has Biden in the lead, but as we see with Wisconsin, this could still go either way with over 58,000 votes yet coming in.

Looking at these two states, if Biden pulls off a win with both, he will be looking at a total of 16 extra electoral votes; this puts him at 254, 16 shy of the 270 needed.

Trump is leading in Michigan with a lead of 2,347,604 to 2,285,045. With 87% of the votes counted, most of the uncounted ballots are coming from the rural areas where they could not handle the large turnout. We are looking at Trump having a lead by 62,000; this number should rise as time goes on. With a Michigan victory, Trump will be sitting with 229 electoral votes.

There is also Pennsylvania; in this state, Trump is leading 2,965,636 to 2,290,624, giving Trump a commanding lead by 675,012 votes with over 64% of the ballots counted. As was seen all night, the polls are not showing a sudden change towards Biden. The climb all through the day has been equal in Trump’s lead, this state he should quickly pull off with a win with around 575,000 votes remaining. This would put Trump at 249 electoral votes.

Last, there is North Carolina and Georgia. Trump is leading in North Carolina by 2,732,104 to 2,655,392, giving Trump a lead by 77,000, with 94% of the votes counted. This means there are 322,000 votes yet counted; Trump should win this state as well. In Georgia, Trump is leading by a count of 2,380,946 to 2,278,123 or by 102,823, with 94% of their votes in we are looking at around 450,000 ballots yet to be counted, unless there is something unexpected coming up, Trump should win this state as well, even if things tighten up. With these two states, Trump will have 280 electoral votes.

We also must count Alaska in, which at this point is leaning towards Trump with Trump pulling in the vast majority of the votes, 108,231 to 56,849, this is with 45% of the votes in, the rural areas, which is extensive, has shown support for Trump, he should easily continue to see his support climb over the current numbers far outpacing Biden. This would place Trump at 283; he would not need Wisconsin or other toss-up states, like Nevada, to win.

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The only way Biden can win this is if he can pull off Wisconsin, which is not a sure thing, and can pull off North Carolina, Michigan, or Pennsylvania, which is highly doubtful. Wisconsin could still end up in Trump’s camp; if this happens, Trump will win the election by a count of 290 to 250 electoral votes.

The biggest fear at this point is corruption that hundreds of thousands of votes will be magically found, all leaning towards the Democrats; this would most likely be challenged in court.

We have once more seen that Trump is making fools of pollsters, throwing the whole business up in the air. Despite massive cover-up by mainstream media to prevent voters from being adequately informed, backed up by Big Tech, Trump will pull this off; 0censor News calls the election for Trump.

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