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In The Rear View Mirror – May 8, 2018

In The Rear View Mirror – May 8, 2018

The Iran Nuclear Deal is dead, it is a dead document walking, at this point, there is little doubt that President Trump will scuttle this terrible deal imposed on us by the Obama administration. Speaking of Obama Administration, we now see his old Sec Of State at work again trying to undermine this administration, thus putting himself in jeopardy of violating the Logan act. And once more we see the Justice Department is continuing to pass materials to the Congress for their right of oversight, AG Sessions seems to think this is acceptable and is supporting these moves.

Iran Nuclear Deal, Why Trump Is Expected To Pull Out

Without taking into account that for ten years Iran will have their hands tied in creating or moving forward with making nuclear weapons, they were able to have crippling sanctions lifted that had motivated them to come to the table. The problem with the whole deal, without bringing in the fact that Obama gave billions to Iran, billions they have used to expand their influence, finance terror, they have also used this to strengthen revolutionary forces all over the Middle East.

But there is much more to this deal that makes it horrible, the reason many looks to is the disallowance of snap inspections, in a rush to set up the deal Obama and Kerry set up the deal so they had to give Iran notice they were coming, then give them a minimum of thirty days, which gives the Iranians plenty of time to clean up the site and get rid of anything that could show them in violation of the treaty.

Further, leading up the deal, Iran had promised their treaty partners that they weren’t engaged in any weapons research, we have now found out that is false by the treasure trove of files that Israel had brought out and exposed to the world. There is pushback from the European quarter to keep the deal, much of that is due to since the deal has been done, business has expanded between Iran and these countries, to snap back would lose them billions.

We now hear from Iran that if the deal is overturned, they will go back to an accelerated weapons research, if nothing else, this threat should show that the intent was there, the deal is dead. We now hear from sources that Trump is going to announce today that he will pull out of the deal today, we at 0censor think this is a great idea, a bad deal is not better than no deal. This announcement from Israel brought what is expected, denouncements and attacks from the leftist press that Israel doesn’t know what the president is going to do, of course, this is the same intel service that managed to sneak into Iran, steal their files from their nuclear research and publish it for the world to see.

Kerry Edges To Breaking Law As Defined In Logan Act

John Kerry, the former Sec of State had done with Iran and its Nuclear deal what he did with the Palestinians when aid from the US was cut off. One has to ask, does he realize that he no longer speaks for the US, nor is he given any right to negotiate or work out any deals, if he is caught doing so he could be in violation of the Logan Act?

If this were a one time issue with Kerry, I would say that he is moving as a private citizen, he does have the legal right to deal with whom he wishes, but to act like he has any say in US policy is a violation of the law, he is no longer part of the government and as such has no say over government decisions. We saw this last year with the conflict with Fatah and Abbas with using American funding to pay out blood money, Kerry went to Abbas and told him to be strong, Trump was a temporary problem, one that would be removed rather soon. We now see him a year later in Iran doing the same thing; one has to ask, “Where does this pass from being a citizen moving to push his interest to seditious moves to try to undermine a sitting president and his policies?”

Sadly the Logan Act, a law set in motion by President John Adams in 1799, it was created due to Dr. George Logal, who was a pacifist, when conflict was arising with France over conflicting interests, he tried to communicate with the French government as a private citizen and undermine the Adam’s administration, thus the law was put into place. Under the law, anyone convicted of violating the law will be charged with a felony, face up to three years in prison, a fine, or both.

While the law has been in place for over 2oo years, it has been twice used to charge people; no one has ever been convicted of the crime because of the gray line between free speech and conflicts with the government’s position. I think through an argument could be made when a former official in charge of setting in place a former administrations policies is now trying to undermine and has done this now more than once, is showing a violation of this law and should if nothing else be brought up on the charges and let the courts decide the constitutionality of the law. The complete disregard that Kerry is showing for this administration is not acceptable and should be stopped at all cost.

Sessions And Justice Department Out Of Control

I have given AG Sessions the benefit of the doubt for some time now, but after hearing the news that Sessions came out this weekend, defended the Justice Department’s policy of not turning over documents to Congress who has oversight, or when turning them over have them so heavily redacted, in many cases not to protect sensitive material, more to protect the people involved in wrong or illegal activities I have started to lose all faith in him.

But there is more, this is the same person that was willing to step back and allow a special prosecutor to investigate Trump in the witch hunt we now see being conducted, but then refused to do the same to stop the coverup and corruption within the Justice Department; has not had one indictment of any high official involved in activities against Trump, the only thing we have seen to date are a couple of firings.

I am at this point beginning to wonder what is he doing? It is time for AG Sessions to either do his job or maybe have Our President fire him, bring in someone that will take control of Mueller, the Clinton investigations, looking into the deep state actors, the leaking of material that is at unprecedented levels.

AG Sessions is either sleeping on the job, in which case he needs to go, or he is pushing for a vast arrest and indictments, which then I will happily apologize, but when lecturing Congress on how they don’t need to have access to this data, seems he forgets that he once too was in those halls.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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