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Increase of Attacks Against Christain’s & Their Holy Sites

Increase of Attacks Against Christain’s & Their Holy Sites

We all watched in horror as Notre Dame burned to the ground, we heard the official findings that the fire started due to an electrical short, but I have a hard time believing this, the French are notorious for not giving out the truth. Further, there are attacks against Christians in the Middle East, in European sites, even in American, one has to wonder, where will it end?

I have heard some suggest that this is a coordinated attack by the Muslims alone, that does not stand up to the truth, the facts are while the Muslims are doing this in increased numbers, so are others. We have to look at why; wonder why so many now feel it is open season to attack Christians.

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I have heard others say after the Christians for so long persecuted and attacked others over centuries, they are now getting their just awards, this I equally have a problem with. If you are going to find fault with a people for something done hundreds, in some cases over 2,000 years ago, then what makes you think this will not come back on you.

I find it funny; I hear Christians yell at Jews, saying they killed Jesus, but last I checked the narrative states that it was Pilot who sentenced Jesus to death, he was a Roman. It was the Roman soldiers that whipped him, put the crown of thorns on his head, forced him to carry the cross to Calvary, then nailed him to the cross and thrust a spear in his side and yet some blame this on the Jews. This does not even get into the fact that if you blame this on the Jews, then the sacrifice made, that Christians claim, would have been a false narrative, but that matters not to haters.

We, on the other hand, have Jews that hate Christians, that is due to the persecution over the centuries, as the narrative just stated was used as an excuse to attack and chase them out of the Christian nations. While I understand it, they are not doing this now.

Further, you hear that secularist don’t do this, suggest you looking into what the atheist nations have done to all faiths, I would strongly disagree with this, they killed more people of faith then all the religious wars combined.

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Then we have Muslims who scream about crusades, say this was about destroying Islam, it really had nothing to do with that, it was about control of trade routes, the people at the time were told it was for religious purposes, but they sure did not act religious in their slaughtering of tens of thousands when they got on site.

Now we see atheist or secular humanist attacking Christians, rather interesting how they attack no one else, we just saw the reports of an arrest in New York City where a Professor of Philosophy was caught trying to sneak in gas and other ignitable’s into the cathedral.

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I have had some ask me, “As a Jew, why should this matter to me?” I answer:

When they are done attacking the Christians, and even while they are in the midst of doing this, who do you think they are going to turn to next?

The reasons for the attacks are simple, the Christians are the easiest to attack, these cowards would rather fight someone who will not fight back then deal with a people who will. I mean this as no insult to Christians, but they are taught from the time they are young, that it is a great thing to suffer for Christ, so they put on a long-suffering face and allow such things to happen. If you tried this against Muslims or Christians, it would not be long before you are met with equal violence in return, today Christians are demanded to do nothing.

I understand some of this, I was raised with wonderful Christian parents, but I also understand that if you are presenting yourself as a weak victim, the ones doing the victimization will come to you before they go to the ones that show they will fight back.

This is part of what explains the attitude of Israel, in the second world war, millions allowed themselves to be led to their deaths, many in turn knew nothing, but the massed uprising, outside of Warsaw there was little. Today Israel is founded on two words burned into the collective souls of Jews, “NEVER AGAIN!” Is this what it is going to take for Christians to finally put an end to this?

I am not saying I want to see a crusade, they were nothing but a political excuse for power wrapped up in religious explanations, but I would love to see more Christians stand up and say, “Enough!” Until you let the ones doing the attacking know they will be met back with equal ferocity to what they are doing, this is not only going to continue but get worse.

As a child of both faiths, I was raised Christians, am Jewish as well, I see both religions, the reaction of the people would love to see more of one displayed in the other. Christians and Jews today are very much prosecuted; it is time they come togather and realize that they stand against a familiar foe, learn from each other.

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Jews have been dealing with this for thousands of years, sadly, many times from the Christians themselves, they know how to both protect themselves and resist or fight back against this.

We are in the weekend of two grand celebrations, both Easter and Passover, we need to share in this, encourage each other, learn from both and deal with these attacks or the Christians will be the next we see marched to the slaughter.

I know these are not the joyous words many wish to hear on this weekend of holidays, but sometimes we need to hear reality so as to face the truth, this is one of them. If we do nothing, and that is what has happened as tens of thousands of Christians are led to their deaths each and every year, it is only going to get worse and worse.

From all of us at 0censor, we say:

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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