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Inflation Just Passed The Highest Mark In 40 Years, Welcome To Bidenflation!

Inflation Just Passed The Highest Mark In 40 Years, Welcome To Bidenflation!

U.S. inflation rose to the highest its been in nearly 40 years in November, according to the consumer price index report released by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Since November 2020, inflation rose by 6.8 percent, which according to the Labor Department, is “the most significant 12-month increase since the period ending June 1982.


Energy prices shot up by 33.3 percent, and gas prices, which indicate inflation to the American public, skyrocketed by 58.1 percent. Food prices went up by 6.1 percent in just 12 months.

“These changes are the largest 12-month increases in at least 13 years in the respective series,” the report states.

So how bad is inflation right now? It’s so bad that even David Muir has had to admit it’s at a 40 year high. Prices are up across the board on food, retail products, fuel, you name it. The average family household spending is up by thousands. The price of eating at a restaurant is up by the most significant jump ever. The cost of eating at home is skyrocketing so fast there are daily trackers.

How bad are the actual numbers? Well, take a look at the percentages and real dollar amounts below.

The word is “skyrocketing.

How is the Biden Administration responding to this? As Scoop said, they are trying to sell us on the idea that things are GREAT.

What is worse, the Biden team seems to think if they ignore inflation, create false talking points on something that is not even true; we will ignore what is going on:

This propaganda-like response prompted an outpouring of tweets from Republicans and others who mocked the administration’s attempts to spin Americans’ economic frustrations.

A CBS News poll found that 67 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation just last month.

Polling also suggests that rising inflation due to an economy bloated by federal spending is one of the top issues voters who are mulling over which candidates they want to see in office following the 2022 midterms are considering.

America is waking up this mess; many who voted for Biden are starting to experience buyers remorse.


When you vote, not based on what is going to be done, only to remove a sitting president because you don’t like him, putting in a president who on a good day may not know who his wife is, this is the mess you are handed.

The Democrats are fleeing Washington; retirement seems to be the in thing, most of this is due to they can see the writing on the wall, there is an epic beat down coming to the DNC come mid-terms, even then we doubt they will learn, instead veer more to the radical left, expect the white house to come back to the GOP, at this point even my dead grandmother is a better choice then the current president sitting there.

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