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Inmate sentenced to nearly 25 years for murdering sister’s rapist in prison

Inmate sentenced to nearly 25 years for murdering sister’s rapist in prison

Washington state inmate was sentenced to nearly 25 years in prison after he murdered his sister’s rapist, who was housed in the same cell.

Shane Goldsby, 26, attacked 70-year-old Robert Munger in a communal area at the Airway Heights Corrections Center in July 2020 after discovering the convicted child rapist had molested several victims, including his sister, according to KHQ. Goldsby struck Munger, who at the time was serving a 43-year sentence, “in the face and head area about 14 times, (stomped) on his head at least four times and (kicked) a couple more times before walking away and being taken into custody by” law enforcement, court documents read.


The 26-year-old apologized to Munger’s family through tears during his sentencing.

“I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a loved one in this kind of way,” he said as he read a prepared statement. “To his wife and his whole family, I apologize. I am so sorry, and I hope you are able to heal from what I caused.”

Goldsby had been imprisoned during the assault for stealing a police cruiser and leading officers on a prolonged pursuit that eventually resulted in an injury to a state trooper following a crash. Last year, Goldsby said tension between him and Munger was “building up” after the 70-year-old shared details of his grizzly crimes.

In an interview with KHQ last year, Goldsby claimed that he was already having trouble with Munger as a cellmate, and then Munger began describing his crimes. “He kept… giving me details about what happened and what he did. About the photos and videos of him doing this stuff, and it was building up,” Goldsby said.  

Goldsby told KHQ last year that he killed Munger because Munger raped his younger sister, which was ultimately proved to be true. Munger was in prison serving a 43-year sentence for child rape, and his victims included Goldsby’s sister.

The Department of Corrections has a cellmate policy in place that should prevent incidents like this. Still, an independent investigation showed screeners had no knowledge about the connection between Goldsby and Munger when they were placed together.

Following an investigation, the state’s Department of Corrections said it had no knowledge of the pair’s relationship when they were housed together.


I must admit, having six sisters, if this had happened to one of my sisters, and the person had the gall to brag to me about it, I am sure my reaction would not have been much different than this guy.

While I don’t condone what he did to end up in jail, if I was put in the same position, even if it was not my sister, and someone bragged to me of raping a child, I would most likely be looking at an extended stay.

While I understand one can’t just go murder someone, but I see this more as a screw-up of the facility, not of Goldsby. A part of me has to wonder, did the jail do this purposefully, then acted like it was a mistake? Could they have sacrificed Goldsby’s freedom to get what they saw as justice against Robert Munger? It would not be the first time this happened, nor do I doubt for a second it will not be the last time.

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