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Interns Needed

We are looking for five interns at this time to fill positions that are open. We are a news site that has both news and opinion written on each topic; we believe that personal ideas and reporting need to be separated unless identified as an opinion piece. 

We are looking for interns that can write about current events without injecting in your own opinions; it’s essential to give a presentation of the news as news, not opinion pieces. We want to get back to where news is news; opinions are opinions, they should be well defined, so the audience will always know which is which. 

We are also looking for opinion writers. Opinions can be linked to the articles on common events or stand-alone articles. We are looking for both conservative and liberal perspectives, this way our readers are given two sides to every issue.  

We at 0censor pride ourself on never censoring other than with personal or racist attacks.We believe that if in disagreement you should use your words and proof to debate a subject, bad speech and ideas should be refuted not silenced. 


  • Can edit there own material, the ability to create your cover photo is a plus.
  • Able to put out 1 to 7 stories a week.
  • Be able to work without supervision, although management is open if help is needed.
  • If working on opinion pieces, a strongly opinionated person is beneficial. 

We are willing to work with schools, give access to work if needed, but at no time will any content be allowed to be edited, only grammar. We are not here to present a specific political ideology, instead, give open access to all sides. 

This is a great stepping stone for you that wish to get into journalism, for the ones that wish to be heard, this also is a great platform for you. 

If this interests you, please click on the button below, this will take you to the application page.

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If unable to open, please email request to

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