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Iran, When You Pull A Tigers Tail, It May Come Back To Bite You!

Iran, When You Pull A Tigers Tail, It May Come Back To Bite You!

We have been watching escalating tensions ratcheting up between the US and Iran, and one has to wonder, what does Iran have to gain by trying to pull on the US’s tail? As a American, one that has been in the military, I don’t want to see a war, nothing about war is glorious, it is a ugly, bloody mess, but sadly some times it is the only option left when nations no longer are able to talk.

Sadly I think this is where our two nations are headed, I see Iran as not willing to give, they hope if they do stand up to the US, they will gain prestige in the world, even if it comes at a significant loss; and the US wants to ensure that our tanker lines stay open, thus not shaking up the flow of oil.

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I can only hope this is an actual case of Iran doing this, thinking they can pull the tail of the tiger, not someone else reaching in and doing the pulling and blaming Iran. The problem you have is the evidence at this point is not pointing to another player.

Shooting at drones coming in to watch what is going on after an attack, having Revolutionary Guard ships go in and rush to strip unexploded limpet mines from a boat, then racing off does nothing but make others very suspicious.

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Iran may think they are at a advantage, but they aren’t, what worries me more is their religious zealots thinking they are furthering their cause may wish to drag Israel and the US into a war, drag the rest of the Arabic world in behind them, thus setting in motion to usher in the time of their Mahdi.

Iran has always been a concern, while we do have very religious people in the US, very few are willing to resort to violence to achieve their end goal, and if they do try, they are universally condemned by all. In Iran, these are the very people in charge of the nation. We saw in the dark ages when the worst of religion meets up with controlling governments, back then it was with most of Europe.

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Back then we were faced with the inquisition, with arms like Swords, bow and arrows, primitive weapons compared to now, where we are faced with tanks, jet fighters, chemical weapons and possible nuclear weapons. The problem you have is that the people doing this are in possession of weapons that can kill far more people then used to be thought about, and in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Today we have the ability to wipe all of humanity out, this type of power in the hands of religious zealots with no one to check them is a terrifying prospect, to say the least. I sometimes have to wonder, would we be justified to protect the future of humanity to go in and take these zealots out? But then I remember, who would decide who is the zealot, and where would this stop?

I hope we can pull back from this abyss, but then I wonder, should we?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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