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Is It Time to Call This election What It Really IS, A fraud On A National Scale?

Is It Time to Call This election What It Really IS, A fraud On A National Scale?

We have been told to trust the system, yet we see the problem is the system itself. We have seen corruption on a scale never seen before, poll watchers banned from toss-up states, employees of the postal service saying they witnessed the postal service past dating ballots so that they will be counted, we start to get a feeling that all is not as it seems. Others have been charged for throwing ballots in the trash, now are facing prison sentences.

I was raised to believe in this country, to trust the government, yet since Obama was in office, I have seen things worsen. It is at the point that I can no longer trust what we are being presented. There is too much that is pointing to something much more sinister.

Part of this is coming from the left. We have been told for the last four years that Trump was the American version of Hitler, on CNN they claimed that he was worse, the left has let it be known, to stop him, as one would do against an actual Hitler type figure, anything, no matter how illegal, how much it broke the trust of the people, it was permissible for the better good of the nation.

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Yet ask for this evidence that Trump is a Hitler type of figure (some have claimed he is worse), you get explanations that he is racist, but if you ask for specifics, they are hard-pressed to give you any evidence that they are offended by things he has said. We were told that his closing of the border was racist, yet Obama arrested and incarcerated more illegals than Trump did; why wasn’t he labeled the same way?

Further, the posting of children in cages was blamed on Trump. When it was pointed out these were from the Obama administration, there was no apologizing, only satisfaction the damage was done, then on they moved to what they could make up next.

With what is starting to look like a massive coordinated fraud, one supported by big tech, the mainstream news, and the political left, one that big tech knew was needed after they threw their support behind Biden, they were facing anti-trust legal proceedings if they lost, so they threw all in behind the Democrats.

Further aiding this was the mainstream press; they covered up stories, refused to report on news that could have swung the vote against Biden, then Twitter started to censor out reports, working hand in hand with big tech, soon with Facebook joining in.

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Today we are told to trust the very people that have done all of this, that they will ensure that this election is legal, corruption-free. Sorry, I don’t buy it. I have seen the ballot workers throwing out ballots on video and have seen the moves to shut out all conformation that would have given assurances. The people running this have stripped all credibility away.

It is time we demand that all of this is looked into. Until then, Trump won the election, it is up to the ones running this election to open their operations and show us otherwise.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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