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Is It Time To Pull The Plug On The Biden Administration Disaster And Start Talking Impeachment?

Is It Time To Pull The Plug On The Biden Administration Disaster And Start Talking Impeachment?

We, for four years, saw the Democrats use every reason under the sun to try to rid themselves of Trump. First, they tried to bring in the fake Russian Collusion story, then claimed that somehow Trump had broken the law with Ukraine while Biden’s threats of withholding a billion in aid if they did not fire an investigator into the company his son worked for corruption. But now we are being told if we dare even mention impeachment, or worse yet, call into question the ability of Biden to cognizant run this nation, we are somehow guilty of treason. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the left trying to intimidate us into silence; I will be damned if I allow this any longer. We need to start talking about impeachment and make a case as to why this is needed.


As Dominic Green with Hot Air states:

Biden’s evident incapacity to keep up with events — and his belligerent denial of the facts and his responsibility for them — have become so evident that even the media, which covered for his debility in the 2020 elections and have protected him since have turned on him. CNN and the BBC are now fact-checking their savior. On Saturday night, ABC’s Jonathan Karl bluntly said that what Biden is saying ‘simply doesn’t comport with reality.

Donald Trump would never have let this happen: he is too vain. If Trump had gifted Blackhawk helicopters and a lifetime supply of Humvees to our enemies, condemned thousands of our allies to the nastiest of fates, and made the United States military and diplomats a laughing stock before the entire world, the media and the Democrats would be calling for impeachment and dusting off the articles of treason.

If Trump had confused his Vice President with a ‘general’ or fumbled with his cue cards because he couldn’t match a scripted question to a scripted answer, as Biden did at his press conference on Thursday; or shown the bizarre callousness and failure of short-term memory in his ‘That was four days ago, five days ago!’ outburst; or spontaneously abandoned the policy of strategic ambiguity on Taiwan in an interview with ABC, as Biden did with George Stephanopoulos on Thursday, the psychiatrists would be lining up outside the cable stations to explain why the 25th Amendment needed to be deployed now.

But don’t think this is why to impeach; we need to look at something else, for neglect of duties and treason.

I know treason is a terrible thing, but let’s look at the definition of treason before we get started:

Definition of Treason;

  • The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
  • A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
  • The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

To see why I think this needs to be looked at, and not only with Biden, but Harris and Pelosi as well look at what each and everyone made an oath to when they took office:

In President Biden’s ‘Oath of Office,’ he promises to “the best of his ability to preserve, protect and defend‘ the Constitution of these United States. My question is this; “does not part of protecting and preserving the Constitution also entail the adherence to the laws of the United States?” 

Pelosi’s and Harris’s oath was no different; they swore to defend the constitution, to protect and serve the American people. All three are grossly negligent in doing this and should be called out for it.

Harris Problem

Since Biden took office, we have been told, “Don’t dare impeach, think, Harris, is next in line!” But I must ask, should this be the reason for our leaders not to act? We heard the same thing from the Democrats when Trump was in office, yet they went for impeachment 3 times, although the last was not legitimate.

There is plenty with Harris; if we impeach Biden, we could easily take care of Harris next.

House and Senate Majority

Right now, bring any impeachment will be DOA; this is what the claim is; the Democrats will never allow it to pass. I have had some say the opposite, that this is a set up to rid themselves of Biden, suck it up for a year, put Harris in charge, then bring in Michelle Obama as VP, with the knowledge that Harris will not last long either.

Here is the problem here, first, Michelle, unlike her husband, does not have that much universal support. Second, if you rid yourself of Biden, Harris becomes President, there is no VP then in the Senate to sit in as the tie-breaker. It would take Republican votes to confirm her; even for the Rhinos, any such votes would be a death sentence to their political life.

But does this mean that the GOP should do nothing? Of course not; they should hit the press, put this in the forefront during the election next year. There is an excellent likelihood that the GOP will take over the House at this point; the Senate will be more difficult, but it is very doable. If the GOP can take over both houses, they could then proceeded with impeachment.

Impeachment is Petty, A Pay Back For What Was Done To Trump

This is the last excuse I have heard; I will say it is the worst excuse I have heard. To say that the Democrats can do this, but we can’t, reaks of cowardice or simple laziness, the leadership of the GOP refuses to take on what they know could be difficult.

We should do this for this exact reason. The Progressive left thinks they are justified in doing whatever they want; with Trump, they were so obsessed with their hatred, it did not matter what the means were. They were justified in the end, getting rid of what they considered a threat to all they stood for. In the way of this stood Trump; he had to go, no matter the cost.

If this is not challenged, it will not get better because we will win by our virtue; the only thing the Left understands is being smacked in the mouth with the same thing they have done. When we stand and do nothing, the Left will become bolder in their next step, knowing they have gotten by with it.

For you that say this is not possible, look at the last election, how outside of the constitution state after state had their Democrats move outside their constitution to change the voting rules. Look at Antifa and BLM, as we have done nothing; they have taken our lack of action as a means of showing they could do more. Inaction emboldens the other side, not calms them down. They see the inaction as a sign of the virtue of what they are doing.

We need to act, paste this on every social network site, get the few propaganda, oops, the press that will report on the truth to splash this all over their headlines.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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