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Is Or Was America Ever Great?

Is Or Was America Ever Great?

We have heard from many on the left, the US is not great, we never were, but is this the case? I and many differ in opinion with this, we find ourselves with pride over what we as a nation have accomplished, but also are aware of our faults. It is this overcoming of shortcomings that defines the greatness of what we are.

We have heard this week the outcry by the left over the Nike Shoes with the Betsy Ross flag, how this is a sign of racism, but the claim could not be more set in ignorance, the flag was about unity, in spite of the faults this nation had.

We hear that our founding fathers should not be celebrated, many of them were slaveholders, as such they should be tossed into the trash bin of history, I have to disagree, they are great in spite of these flaws, they set in motion the foundation that ended slavery in the end. This nation is the only nation in the world that found ending slavery worth fighting over, brothers fought brothers to end this blight, yet today this is forgotten by the left.

Jefferson and Washington And King

Both of these founders, our first president, the other the third, were men with significant flaws, but also men that were willing to put their lives on the line to stand up for what they believed. It was by the sheer will of Washington that held the forces together in Valley Forge, who led the men fighting to free this nation from Britain’s rule.

Washington set into motion the nation we see today, he stepped into the office with much of what we see today within the government, not in existence, yet he stood and patiently moved this nation forward to ensure that this constitutional republic would stand.

He could have taken a crown. Instead, he shunned the idea, stepped down peacefully in the end and gave an example of a peaceful passing of power, a move that is still honored today.

Did Washington have faults? Of course, he did, no human has ever been perfect, Washington and others are great examples of this, but what they created was perfected because they realized this, they also understood the need of freedom was more significant than their faults. Were all granted this freedom? No. But this nation set itself less than a hundred years later on a path to set in motion a way for this to be experienced by all.

Jefferson was no different, but it was his intellect, his unquenchable curiosity that set him on quests to understand the great thinkers up to that time. To learn the need of freedom of thought, of the obligation to grant this right to all men, our right to face our accusers, to have a true sense of justice, something that was written into the parchment he helped pen.

The bill of rights, later the declaration of independence, we also see his hand all over the constitution, a document that rules this government even today.

Was Jefferson perfect? No, he held slaves, but he did what he did in spite of these shortcomings. We look at heroes of the left later, it is incredible how they forget their flaws, but scream about the deficiencies of our founding fathers. People like Martin Luther King Jr., a great man that aided in bringing equality to all men, fought to bring equality to the blacks in the same way the whites experienced it, to enable both to walk side by side, equal in every way.

But was he perfect? No, King was a serial adulterer, had strong ties to communist ideology, demanded the redistribution of wealth. King was a human being: flawed, vulnerable, uncertain about the future, subject to appetites and buffeted by the extraordinary stresses of his position, yet we remember the great things he did, not his faults, so why is this not done with our founding fathers?

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It seems that the left is attempting to destroy history before our eyes, recreating history to try to support their moves, it seems they fail to realize, history is recorded to keep from repeating it, a nation that destroys its history is ensured it will repeat it.

To claim the South fought the civil war over slavery is incorrect, the North did, they also struggled to hold the union together by force, the south on the other hand never fought for this reason, although slavery was a small part of this. The South fought because they felt that the federal government had over time stripped the states rights away piece by piece, they felt that if they did not resist, the states would not have any rights left.

It was the election of Lincoln, the moves by him against prior state agreements that lit the fuse.

I know some will read this and say I am defending slavery, you could not be further from the truth, I am looking at the cause and effect, not the moral question here. Ending slavery at first was not looked at as needing ending, there were slave states that stayed in the Union, they never moved during the war to end this practice, they looked at ending slavery as the war carried on as a means of stripping the South of its economy, no laborers, you complete the fight.

Many don’t realize that the Southern States that were still part of the union still held slaves even as the war ended. The civil war ended on May 9, 1865, yet the 13th Amendment was not ratified until December 6, 1865, this was seven months later. The final state to ratify the 13th Amendment was Mississippi; they did this on March 16, 1995, 130 years later.

Lincoln opposed slavery in any form, but he did not move to stop it when he took office, he moved on this a year and a half into the war with the Emancipation Proclamation, but this never freed one slave, but it did set in motion the means to end it.

What is more surprising is that understanding this, some academia, along with the left, are moving to end Lincoln’s place of honor as being one of the greatest American presidents. Lincoln, like many of our founding fathers, was a very complex person, his opinions changed, he grew as he took office. His moves would today be fought in the courts, such as suspending Habious Corpus, but he moved to hold the union together by any means. History judged Lincoln by what he accomplished, not what he did while achieving this.

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Rewriting History

We are seeing moves from the left to rewrite history, attack our founders as being people of such significant imperfections, nothing they created should be of note, mainly the US Constitution. Thus the move to undo what has held this nation together for so long is being moved against. The Smithsonian, with writer Amy Crawford, made this argument, so did Richard Albert with the Boston Globe, the Atlantics ALEX SEITZ-WALDNATIONAL JOURNAL. Even our supreme court justice Ruth Ginsberg told Egyptians not to look to our constitution to create one, we have had liberal retired supreme court justices say it should be done away with, this is who the left is now putting into these high seats.

The attacks we see now are only going to intensify; they have little or no pride in this nation. Thus the past they find at such fault, even the high documents or works left behind, they should be redone. We now see moves not only to erase our past but to undo and rewrite the very bond that has held this nation together for the last 200+ years.

We may not like it, but we are engaged in a soft civil war, the left is moving to undo by any means what we hold so dear, to remake this in the socialist paradise they seem to think is so desirable. The fact that no socialist country in history has ever succeeded means nothing. They point to the Scandinavian nations, say, “See, they succeeded!” But they are not socialist; they find it offensive that they are referred to as such, in most cases, they have abanded this idea, just like Greece has due to it is not sustainable.

There is also the case that they have had the funds to do this due to a lack of investment into the military; they have relied on the US to protect them.
We have others that have stood for violent overthrow, the domestic terrorist group Antifa is attacking anyone who dares disagree with them, they despise this nation, find anything associated with it as terrible, a thing that should be discarded.

They may find this nation as terrible, but I and many others find what we are as worth fighting for, many, like myself, proudly put on a uniform, served in the military, feel honored to this day that we were afforded the chance to do this.

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Are we Great?

Is this nation great? You bet it is; we hold pride in what many have given all to hold together, remember our forefathers who died to create this nation, later our distant relations that lost lives holding this union as one. We see the faults but hold that the final work succeeded due to the steps put in place by these founders, in spite of their many flaws.

We remember the first flag, the uniting of the 13 colonies, with their own goals and desires, all held together as a common bond that created this great nation we now live in. We don’t try to hide or bury these faults, we put light on them, share that we succeeded in spite of them because we were willing to fight to rid ourselves of the troubling parts that were part of this union. We are not living within something outdated, we have just begun, our most excellent days are still ahead of us if only we can hold to what our founders put in place, not try to create something foreign to what we are now.

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I end this with a question, if the 13 stars and stripes were so racist, why did Obama have this flag displayed when he took office, or is the left going to claim he was racist as well?

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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