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Is Palestinian Aid Next On the Aid Chopping Block?

Is Palestinian Aid Next On the Aid Chopping Block?

We saw last week the Pakistani’s after being scolded from Trump for aiding terrorist, tell the world that in spite of giving over 35 billion since the start on the war of terror, we have given them nothing; now his sight is turning on the Palestinians. We have like with the Pakistani’s given hundreds of millions of aid each year, both to UN to aid in their humanitarian and government operation, we are in fact that largest contributor of all the world, paying over 1/2 of their total funds to the UN, but we give so much more, we also give millions to them in our Palestinian Aid Package, now we are getting the same slap in the face the Pakistani’s had done.

We have seen since the US has declared that not only do we recognize the capital of Israel as Jerusalem, but we also will be moving our embassy to the city, the Palestinians acting as cheerleader and instigator of pushing world opinion against the US. Their excuse? Their capital is not for sale.

Here lies the problem, first, as stated in The Palestinian Claim to Jerusalem, the Palestinians nor any Arab nation for that matter has in all of history ever claimed or had the city as their capital, so this begs the question, why do the Arabs who claim to be Palestinians think they have a right to the city? That reason is also easily explained. When Jordan in 1948 illegally invaded Israel with the intent of destroying the nation it occupied what then was called Judea and Samaria, they in turn after moving in hundreds of thousands of Arabs who magically in 1967 turned into Palestinians, these are the people, the Arabs that Jordan moved to the area that now are saying they have claim to a city they simply have never possessed.

But there is more, when Jordan was occupying the old part of the city that the Arabs (I will not dignify the Palestinian lie here) never laid claim to the city, in fact they did exactly the opposite, in their 1964 charter they said this about the old city, which they now claim is their heritage:

Article 24: This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area. Its activities will be on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields.

Then amazingly in 1968 the Palestinian authority changed their charter, and what did they change? They changed their charter to include only all the land that both Egypt and Jordan held, now suddenly they magically found their historical claim to this part of the land. One has to ask, I have studied history for 35 years, have wrapped my of my life around it, but never in my life have I ever heard of a historical claim only be applicable if another people control the land, it would be in place no matter whom had control of the land, you just may not chose to contest at that time.

But let’s dig further, the Palestinian claim to the old city is also based on religious claim, and that is that Mohammad visited the Temple Mount, went to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and had a meeting with  prophets of old, after riding some type of winged donkey there, there is just like the Palestinian claim a huge problem with this narrative. The ancient scholars of Islam never stated this as in Jerusalem, in fact no place does it say it was there, and with great reason,, there was no building on the site. about 30 years before Mohammad’s birth a major earthquake had destroyed the Byzantine church that stood on the temple mount, the locals then left the area in ruins and used it as a garbage dump, no building, let alone a mosque stood on the site while Mohammad lived [1].

The Mosque in question that the Arabs now want us to believe that Mohammad visited, well there is a problem with that whole claim, that mosque was build 60 years after Mohammad died, so how did he visit a site that did not exist? The early Islamic scholars scoffed at the claim he visited the site, Mohammad’s own cousin who knew him well said: 

“Those damned Syrians,” by which he means the Umayyad’s, “Pretended that God put his foot on the rock in Jerusalem, though one person ever put his foot on the Rock, namely Abraham.”

Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiya (638-700), a close relative of the Prophet Muhammad, is quoted denigrating the notion that the prophet ever set foot on the Rock in Jerusalem.

The claim that Jerusalem was the third holiest site in Islam never even occurred until the late 1800’s, I challenge anyone to show me one Islamic writing prior to this point that states this, it simply can’t be found. 

What you have in Jerusalem is simply the act by Islam of taking over what they see as holy sites of other faiths, Jerusalem is a perfect example, with the city as holy to Christians and the Temple Mount as the holiest site to Jews, they lay claim to this as they have done all over the world when they have controlled the area, place their mosques, then make up stories why it is holy to Islam for the sake of showing Islamic supremacy over the faith that held the place holy, nothing more. 

The truth is the truth, sadly many aren’t interested in seeking it, seems at this time Trump to a certain point is, we need to encourage and stand up for this, a lie, then threats of violence if we don’t go along with this lie is inexcusable, it does not make the lie the truth. Also, just because you want something does not make it yours, and because the whole world goes along with a narrative does not mean it is right. I recall in the 1930’s the whole world stood up and said that if only we gave into Hitler and give in to his demands we would have peace, one man, Churchill stood up against this, it lost him power, it was after Hitler started to attack and show his violent bent of conquest that people started to listen. 

The world may be going with the Arabs who claim to be Palestinians, supporting their lie because it is convenient to aid in their obsession against Israel, but it does not mean it is correct or true. Today like with Churchill we have a man of authority that is willing to stand up against the tide of world opinion, I have a feeling that like Churchill was proven right, so will Trump be, I just pray it does not take more then 50 million dead this time to prove this, sadly I fear it may end up costing many, many more before the world wakes up. 

So President Trump, please cut off all Palestinian aid, we give over $600 million a year in aid, as with anyone else giving money, be it a bank, a personal loan from a friend or aid from a nation, everything free comes with stipulations, if you aren’t willing to live up to those stipulations then you are not a martyr because your aid is cut off, no, rather you are acting like a demanding idiot. It is time to stand up to these people, tell them if you want our money either play to our tune or we will give it to someone that will, and this is not just for the Palestinians and the Pakistani’s, this should be for anyone that is receiving aid from us. We understand sovereignty, there may be differences, but when you show a open hostility to us and a hatred for what we are, then maybe our money can be better spent elsewhere. 


  1.  le Strange, Guy. (1890). Palestine under the Moslems, pp.80–98.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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