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Is Trump Trying to Change the Courts Quietly? You Bet He Is!

Is Trump Trying to Change the Courts Quietly? You Bet He Is!

We hear yelling from leftist sites like the Independent inTrump is trying to quietly reverse decades of social progress in America” with their writer David Usborne lamenting that Trump is quietly undoing what Obama had for eight years put in place, a obstructionist court that would try to legislate from the bench, when legislators could not stop the president the courts would, it sure seems that once more we see as the left see what they saw as achievements by the left and their progressive movement being done by President Obama, they have a hard time understand that “Elections have consequences” (Obama’s famous quote in 2008).

So what is the complaint? Turns out in David Usborne’s piece he complains that when Obama came into office, he had done sweeping changes to the courts, was more then happy it was Obama appointees that were legislating from the bench in moves to try to prevent Obama’s legal right as President to set up a travel ban, then went on to lament that in the last two years of Obama’s term the Senate slowed way down their pace of confirming Judges, which as we saw later was a great thing, these judges Obama put in office had little care for their actual constitutionally given powers, were instead intent on legislating from the bench what they viewed a need to correct wrongful moves by the President of the United States.

When Trump came to office, one of the first things he did was put in place a Supreme Court Judge, naturally this did not sit well with the left, but in a colossal move that took no account for the future, Reid had put in place the nuclear option when the Democrats had a slim majority, McConnell warned him this would come back to bite him, then when it did in typical fashion the left started to scream they were victims, and they were, of their stupidity.

Now the complaints are coming in once more as many open seats during the last two years of the Obama administration that opened up are now being filled, Trump is quietly filling these seats with his appointees, judges more concerned with the legal held power they possess rather than the political moves around their constitutional duties you see from the activist judges like Derrick Watson.

The problem now is the left knows that when advancements come to district courts, appeals courts and even the Supreme Court, they come from these pool of judges placed in first by Obama and now from Trump, they have seen what they expected as a turn from a more moderate court, with Justices  Stephen Breyer, Ruth Ginsburg both either at 79 or older were approaching the time where either they would step down or face the possibility of leaving due to natural causes like Antonin Scalia had.

The outrage by the left because once more the GOP acted on what was referred to as the Bidden rule, where during the end of President H. W. Bush’s last year of office to not allow a Supreme court vote to go through, the argument instead was for the voters to decide. Now in a rather funny turn of events, when the empty seat come up during Obama’s term, the very man who had put into effect the Biden rule was now the Vice President, in typical hypocrisy, he then argued over how wrong this was.

The most significant worry now from the left is if Trump wins a second term, he could be faced with replacing one to three more justices,  Justice Ginsburg is nearing the end of her time, we could see a considerable shift in the high court if she retires or passes away, the same with Judge Breyerwe could potentially look at the courts if you see a vacant seat in the next two years with either of these two moves the court more to the right, leaving only two democratic appointed justices in the court, thus affecting our highest courts, going on down through the courts for the next 15 to 20 years.

So is Trump changing the Courts? Of course he is, as Obama loved to tell us after the 2008 election, “Elections have consequences!” How quickly the left had forgotten that then in a typical manner try to act like they are the victim when the same actions they did to the GOP is now applied to them. All I can say is, “Ladies, time to pull up your pants and deal with it like a man!”

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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