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Israel And The Accusations Of Attempted Genocide

Israel And The Accusations Of Attempted Genocide

We have heard over the years that Israel is trying to wipe out the Palestinians, that they are no better than the Fascist that committed genocide against the Jews, but how accurate is this claim? We also hear that they provide no secondary health care, that babies are dying young, that water is not given in equally to the Arabs, but is any of this right? We take a look, with something many whom are making the claims refuse to acknowledge or research, with data, to explore what is truth and what is propaganda.

Fascist Germany

Fascist Germany in a move to make what they said was a strengthened Germany set out to remove by extermination people that they considered of a lesser or inferior human stock. Of those, they believed the Jews, Slavic nations, and the Gypsies to be the worst of the worst. The most significant numbers killed were the Soviet Slavic people while prosecuting the war to seize land for their greater Germany project they slaughtered over 20,000,000. Now in all fairness, many were not murdered in camps as we saw with the Jews, many were civilians that were in the way of the Russian armies, Germany made no moves to protect the civilian population so would go through them slaughtering anyone in their way to get at enemy forces. Others they slaughtered due to political persuasion, they would go into villages they controlled, take out any members of the communist party and openly execute them so all the people could see.

Then there were the Jews, but please don’t think only the Germans were doing this, too many times in area’s under German control the Russians, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Moldova, there was a deep-seated hatred for the Jews, the people had no problem with handing them over to the Germans to be put to death. 

But do we see the Jews doing this, have they made a concerted effort to wipe out the Arabs in Israel and the disputed areas?


How can the policies of the state of Israel be compared to Nazi Germany?
Simple. By ignoring the definition of the US State Department [1] (also adopted by the EU Forum on Anti-Semitism [2] , the UK Parliament [3], the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance [4] and others), which states that drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis is, itself, a form of antisemitism.
Also by ignoring common sense, logic, and facts (which is why it is defined as a form of antisemitism.)

This is genocide:

This is ethnic cleansing:

This is neither:

What we have here is showing not only a significant growth, but one that is much larger then what any developed nation experiences, add to this the health, life expectancy, which genocide would take a terrible toll on the numbers, then compare them to the rest of the world, you see that not only is there not genocide, the Arabs are thriving. 

(Infant mortality had already vastly improved by the time this graph starts compared to the very high rates at the start of the British Mandate.)

(Note: Israelis now consume 1/3 of the amount of water per capita than they did in 1967, while Palestinian consumption has risen by 40% since 1967[5] )

We have heard that Israel is stealing the water from the Arabs, yet when you look at water usage they are using far more than the Israeli’s, the Israeli’s are just better at conserving their water use. We also hear that Israel is cutting off their water, this shows that just the opposite is happening. 

(Note that before the start of Jewish immigration there were no universities in Palestine.)

As with much, you hear accusations, but when you look into the facts you see there is no Genocide, what you have is a growth that is higher than the best-developed nations. There is a sign that births are slowing, but that would be consistent with more modern society.

To sum up what this shows, just like many of the claims we hear, claims of land theft, sovereignty theft, genetic theft (Hebrews

For more charts and statistics on Palestinian health and welfare, see
If Israel implemented policies similar to those of the Nazis then the ‘Israeli/Palestinian conflict’ would be of no more significance in the Middle East than the ‘Jewish Problem’ is in Poland today.

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