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It is Time to Talk About “Black Privilege”

It is Time to Talk About  “Black Privilege”

Today we are told that some subjects can’t be spoken about, this is just stupid, we have to explore all, the only way to do this is to talk about it, so I am going to deal with the elephant in the room “Black Privilege.”

We are told every day the problem in the world is “White Privilege,” but I beg to disagree, it is not whites that are leading the charge to destroy our cities, crying all day about what victims they are, then using this victim card to riot, loot and burn businesses down, it is the people practicing “Black Privilege.”

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Now, I don’t know about you, but if you or I did things like this, we would be sitting in jail with charges pending. Yet, we see the left tying the hands of the police, the prosecutors and DA, in the end, these people doing this, and leading this charge to walk around untouchable, that is the very definition of privilege.

We have here Black Lives Matter protestors who are attacking people while they are eating, are assaulting some, disrupting the area over what they see as their right, because they have the privilege to harass anyone they feel like.

Protestors harassing patroon for refusing to raise fist in support of Black Lives Matter

What is remarkable about this, these are a bunch of idiots who are WHITE, trying to lecture another white person on showing support for Black Lives Matter. This virtue signaling has gone on too long, I would tell them what I have told others, “I will not support Black Lives Matter, I don’t buy into the White Privilege nonsense, but I do support the right to free speech, even if these people don’t have a clue what they are talking about.” Yet there is a line that is crossed when you harass and assault while exercising this speech, this is a step too far. What is more, none of these kids ever experienced racism, they heard about it, so think they are now experts.

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You have the case in Racine of Black Lives Matter protestors rushing a 17 year old with a rifle who was protecting his parents business which was torched the night before, there are pictures of a skateboarder using his skateboard to assault the young man, you have a group that is attacking him, at that point he feared for his life, he was JUSTIFIED in shooting for self-protection.

Yet there is more to this. What we have are people who are saying they are acting in black interests, yet they think they have a right to break the law with impunity, tear down statues, assault and shoot people, then melt into the background, the police are told to do nothing and while liberal mayors and governors cover for them.

Looters tear apart a Target store after suspect commits suicide in Minneapolis.

The first problem you have is that these riots are doing nothing but reinforcing negative stereotypes that many have heard about the Black Community, but so doing they are not only reinforcing this, but as they continue down this path many who were not racist are driven into racist organizations who are all too happy to take them in.

The press has done nothing but a cover for this, saying these protests are peaceful, but I challenge you to go to one area where they have been held, go there the next day and see the destruction that is left behind if these are peaceful, why is there so much destruction?

The worst part is people like this 17-year-old that is charged and arrested in Racine. It is fine for Democrats prosecutors to allow these rioters to loot, set buildings on fire, shoot at officers, destroy government property, they do nothing. Yet here is a kid, chased down by a mob, skateboarder strikes him with his skateboard, people gather in to attack him, no charges are pending against any of these people, only against the young man defending himself from the mob.

We have seen hundreds of thousands of protestors across the US participating in these riots, both blacks and whites, yet where are the arrests? Many times we see videos of the police ignoring crimes and action and driving past.

The question needs to be asked, why aren’t the leaders of these organizations under arrest, they are openly stating their goal is to overthrow our government. Yet, it seems the government is afraid to arrest them; we need to demand the Department of Justice answer for why this is. It seems the DOJ is in more need of cleaning; there are too many players who are willing to let this just go on.

We have a case of sedition, people who openly state they are revolutionaries, they can stoke the fires of this new civil war that is brewing, nothing is done.

I am tired of Black Privilege; Black Lives Matter may want to watch out, there are millions of Americans, who like me, are exhausted to the point that if this is not handled, we will. I love this nation, served in the military, I made a vow years ago that I promised to protect this nation from both outsides and within the US, if the government is not going to stop this, one day many like myself will.

This is not the path we want to head down, our nation needs to find a way to heal, but if we can’t, then either we break apart or fight to keep what we have. I am willing to do so; I will not now or ever support Black Privilege, White Privilege; the only privilege I care about is the immense one we are experiencing by living in this nation, one that people are now trying to destroy.

I finish this by repeating what I told a Black Lives Matter activist when they asked me what I would do:

“If a fellow Jew or a White man, Hispanic or Asian was killed while resisting arrest, shooting at cops, or commits suicide because they are going to be captured, none of us would call them a hero, we would not make them a saint, we would feel bad they were shot, then say, “If they had not fought or shoot at the cops, this would not have happened.” We would not riot, burn down our neighborhood, loot the stores we shop in, burn the business we work at to the ground, but then we would not riot to start with.

But if you got me angry enough to riot, I would find out where the people live that brought me to this point, I would burn down the house they live in with them in it, the problem would be stopped.”

See, I don’t need to play the victim, I know racism, I am Jewish, but making up an excuse for thugs, this is not justice, this is trying to take advantage of a system, exercising your privilege, this is “Black Privilege” being displayed to all. The worst part, the people taking advantage of this privilege are the ones screaming the loudest about White Privilege, something that is a hoax, it doesn’t exist, no one is able to do these types of things because they are white, they get by with it because they say they are doing it for blacks.

I finish by stating this does not apply to all black people; this applies to the agitators, the politicians who are using their position to take advantage of their privilege. I watch great and noble people within the black community, many of them under attack because they dare tell the truth, this is what the community needs to look up, not the ones telling people they are victims, they have a right to take by force what they can’t get by working.

In world war two the majority of Germans were not fascist, they wanted to live in peace, but had a war thrown at them by a minority, soon the majority were irrelevant, their voices were drowned out by the small minority. In Japan, we saw the same, as with China, Russia under Stalin, yet by saying nothing, hundreds of millions died. The black community is here today, they are allowing a radical socialist activist-run the show, they are putting this nation on a path to a race war, either the majority better take control of this, or we will find out again the majority are irrelevant.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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