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It’s Happening: Gretchen Whitmer’s Career is Crashing Down Around Her

It’s Happening: Gretchen Whitmer’s Career is Crashing Down Around Her

As some of you may know, I live in Michigan, and I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, Gretchen Whitmer is the most unpopular woman in the state.

I can’t tell you how many casual conversations I’ve had with people in line at the grocery store, or retail clerks about what a vindictive, wretched shrew this woman is.


She is probably the most unpopular MI governor we’ve had, and that’s saying a lot because we’ve had so many losers.

Take a look at this amazing ad that was put together to slam Whitmer.

So, it does my heart extra good to see her collapse – after what she’s done to punish the good people of Michigan and destroy businesses, this awful woman deserves all the karma that comes her way.

And it’s coming her way, folks….in bulk.

Whitmer’s “private plane/Flordia trip” hasn’t gone away. As a matter of fact, it’s gotten worse.

A lot worse.

Whitmer is still facing really serious backlash over that secret trip to Florida that she took during a massive “COVID outbreak” in Michigan on a private that belonged to several Michigan businessmen that do work in the state.  The cost of the flight was a reported $27,521. Whitmer claims she paid $855 of that.

When everyone asked Whitmer’s office who the heck paid for the 27k, they claimed that “Michigan Transition 2019” paid for it.

That group is a nonprofit that was created in order to pay for Whitmer’s inauguration.

Sure bet, lady. Does anyone actually believe that?

Well, here’s where things start getting really, really ugly for Big Gretch.

Our friends at 100 Percent Fed Up did a great job reporting on this story. They said that on Monday, the Detroit News reported that an FAA spokesperson confirmed that Detroit-based Air Eagle, the company whose plane carried Whitmer to Florida and back, doesn’t have the certificate that allows for charter-type services.
The statement came after  Whitmer’s Chief of Staff JoAnne Huls said last week the administration used “a chartered flight for this trip.”

Rep. Steve Johnson, the chairman of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, said he’s considering probing the financial arrangements behind the top state officeholder’s travel. Johnson, R-Wayland, said he hadn’t decided what his course of action will be but added that he might draft a letter with questions and send it to the Democratic administration.

“If they refuse to (answer the questions), maybe, at that point, we will do hearings. It’s definitely something in consideration,” Johnson said. “I would like to give the administration the opportunity to answer questions before we go down that road.”

Yesterday, a local non-profit, Michigan Rising Action, filed a complaint with the IRS alleging that Whitmer’s trip to Florida “is not within the exempt purpose of Michigan Transition 2019.”

And if you can believe this – it actually gets even worse for Whitmer…

“Michigan Rising Action” is now seeking a federal investigation into Whitmerr’s non-profit’s role in securing that private plane.

They believe that 27K was a “private benefit” to Governor Whitmer.

Obviously, yes.

Eric Ventimiglia, executive director of Michigan Rising Action said this in a statement:

“Governor Whitmer’s use of 501(c)(4) funds for personal benefit is a clear violation of the law and we’ve asked the IRS to launch a full investigation into the matter,” adding, “From her blatant hypocrisy to the litany of ethical and legal violations, Governor Whitmer has spent the last two months misleading the people of Michigan about her trip to Florida. It’s time for her to be held accountable.”

Investigative journalist Charlie LeDuff called on Governor Whitmer to show him and his team the check that was cut to the Michigan businessmen to use the plane.

Hours later, Whitmer’s team confirmed there was a check for $27k issues for a so-called “charter flight” – but that wasn’t a “charter flight.” It was a private plane owned by businessmen who do business in the same state that Whitmer is the governor of. That in and of its self is a conflict of interest.


And Whitmer personally paid that $855 towards the flight.

LeDuff says if that is all true, Whitmer may just found herself smack-dab in the middle of a federal public integrity investigation.

Burn, baby, burn!

From Wayne Dupree

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