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Jake Tapper Embarrasses the Biden Campaign Over Supreme Court, Not Knowing What ‘Constitutional’ Means

Jake Tapper Embarrasses the Biden Campaign Over Supreme Court, Not Knowing What ‘Constitutional’ Means

As hearings are ready to begin to appoint Amy Coney Barrett as the rightful heir to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Joe Biden still refuses to tell voters what his position is on the Supreme Court. His unhinged leftist base demands more justices be added to the court to pack it with more unhinged leftists, and there are many Americans who feel as if Biden is already nothing more than a sock puppet for progressives’ soggiest socialist dreams. Joe Biden saying that voters don’t deserve to know his position doesn’t help matters.

Jake Tapper took the campaign to task for this over he weekend, or at least tried to.

I know what the plan is. Wait until after Barrett is confirmed, then come out in support of loading the highest court in the land with every half a commie judge that Biden can get his hands on, blaming Donald Trump for “forcing his hand.” You can already see it in the media with “reporters” and the “Associated Press” claiming that it’s not really “court-packing,” what leftists want to do, and if anyone is packing the courts it’s Donald Trump by *checks notes* fulfilling his constitutional duties.

This is all a ploy for Biden to be able to fire up his base for the last week of the election. Which makes it that much more crucial that Donald Trump gets elected. ESPECIALLY after Democrats make “packing the court” an acceptable thing for a president to do.

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