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Jamie Lee Curtis goes Full Stupid And Posts Pic Of USPS Vehicle being Towed As Trump Conspiracy

Jamie Lee Curtis goes Full Stupid And Posts Pic Of USPS Vehicle being Towed As Trump Conspiracy

It turns out the old saying is true; if you have nothing to do, you will make up stuff due to your boredom. It turns out this is coming to pass with Hollywood. There is no acting with the COVID shutdown. They run around and see a conspiracy in everything, even vehicles broke down and towed. Jamie Lee Curtis is the latest victim to fall into this mental sickness.

Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis posted an image Tuesday of a United States Postal Service mail truck on the back of a tow truck and speculated that the mail truck might have been stolen to rig the upcoming election.

In an accompanying tweet, Curtis seemed to assert the driver of the tow truck was a supporter of President Donald Trump, this was due to his truck was red, and ready or not, “he was wearing a red cap with white letters on it!”

“I swear, in broad daylight, the driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters. Conspiracy?” she wrote.

“Outright attempt at stealing the election by denying the access of the @USPS?”

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The “Halloween” actress concluded, “Let’s not let it happen,” and tagged former Vice President Joe Biden in her post.

There were many replies from the “woke” crowd, people who found connecting the dots in such a crazy way was perfectly acceptable, but it turns out more Americans, not of the ‘woke’ crazy crowd had much more reasonable replies.

Some of those responding to Curtis pointed out that it may have simply been taken away for repairs:

There are times we watch the ‘woke’ Hollywood crowd and all their followers and shake our heads in wonder. In some ways it reminds me of when my child was a toddler, first learned that maybe if he lied he could get by with stuff, but had not yet gotten the lying part down, would tell me he had not eaten the cookie; at the same time, his mouth was covered in chocolate or did not have a toy when you could see him clumsily hiding it behind his back. You try not to laugh, look rather stern and scold him for his act, then run around a corner and laugh (most times you could make it this far).

If these people were not connected with millions, it would be laughable. Still, when you have people like this, AOC, Ilhan, Pelosi, and Schumer who reinforce this, it is not some childish game by a toddler, it can be a problem for all of us. 

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