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Jeff Sessions, Do Your Job Or Let Someone Else Do It

Jeff Sessions, Do Your Job Or Let Someone Else Do It

AG Jeff Sessions, you were brought in as the Attorney General not to make friends, you were brought in to get a job done, that is why our president put you in that position, yet almost a year later there is still little that has been done, Mr. Sessions it is time to do your job.

We have seen time after time news of corruption in the FBI, the Justice Department, their refusal to investigate the privileged class, such as the Clinton’s, then actively aid in covering for them. But this goes further than just the FBI, we have seen this with the corruption that was allowed to run rampant during the Obama years, the elite liberals were allowed to break the law with impunity, they were treated like they were above the law.

When Attorney General Sessions was brought in by Trump we expected to see wholesale changes in the whole justice department, instead, we have just seen more of the same.  We still have an FBI that not only refuses to answer to Congress, they have actually continued to force people under investigation to sign confidentiality agreements forbidding them to speak to Congress or face a jail sentence, and this was not the first time they have done this. One has to ask, if the FBI and the Justice Department is answerable to Congress, by what legal authority do they have to try to force a person not to testify to the people that oversee them? And if they are still doing this, why hasn’t Sessions cleared each person under such a confidentiality notice that it is waved. Since the constitution places the FBI and the Justice Department under Congress (constitution Section 8 article 1) the act of trying to withhold information from them is a violation of the law.

While the DOJ and the FBI do answer to the president, they also have oversight by Congress, if they are going to refuse to cooperate, then this Congress needs to take up the power they are given, issue subpoenas for the members that are refusing, send the Sergeant of Arms and arrest the people. Congress also controls the budgets for the Justice Department and the FBI, if they don’t want to cooperate, then Congress is 100% within their constitutional right to hold back all funding until they do.

The idea that either the FBI or the DOJ, or for that matter the intelligence communities don’t have to answer has grown out of policy from the Obama administration, Obama allowed them to run with impunity, the Congress was too inept to do anything about it, so now they act like they are answerable to no one. If this can continue, this nation we live in will no longer be a democracy where our elected officials control the unelected ones, instead, it will start to slip into a dictatorship as people lose faith in these institutions and they will start to take powers on far outside their constitutional right.

We already know that Trump is not very happy with Sessions, maybe it is time to replace him, seems he may be more part of the swamp then part of the cleanup crew. If he is incapable of doing what is needed, then remove him. What is not said here is Sessions has the legal authority to go to the FBI, clean house and get rid of everyone that thinks they are above the law, put an end to all congressional none disclosures, then reign in the ones that remain by letting them know they are not immune from being fired. But I would suggest before you worry about someone else’s house, clean up your own first, much of the resistance is coming from within the Justice Department, either clean them out or demote them to jobs where they have no control. Trump could aid in this now by ordering the FBI directly to stop all none disclosure agreements.


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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