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JK Rowling: People Afraid to Speak Out Against Transgender Activism Out of ‘Fear for Their Personal Safety’

JK Rowling: People Afraid to Speak Out Against Transgender Activism Out of ‘Fear for Their Personal Safety’

Liberals used to stan JK Rowling in ways that were borderline creepy. For two key reasons. The first is, she wrote the immensely successful Harry Potter novels. Those of you who hate the novels can stand in the corner. You and I… we’ll never understand each other. It’s not you, but yes, it is. The second reason liberals worshipped the boofs she emitted was her penchant for echoing every possible leftist mantra available to her. But that was then. This is now. Jo Rowling has asked nuanced and reasonable questions about men who want to be ladies and ladies who want to be men. She also stood up for women’s rights, which in today’s rules is not just frowned upon; it’s verboten. Women’s rights are generally positive. Unless the “rights” of a transgender woman (a he-lady with one back home and one mushroom-capped giggle stick) are pitted against women’s rights, then we must pull out the flow chart to see who’s rights matter more—hint: the lady’s.

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My career hero, J.K. Rowling, has not backed down. If she doesn’t speak out who will, a sentiment she recently expressed:

My correspondents have included medical staff, social workers, prison workers, workers in women’s refuges, and members of the LGBT community, including trans people. Many are afraid to speak up because they fear for their jobs and even for their personal safety.

I believe everybody should be free to live an authentic life to them and be safe to do so. I also believe that we need a more nuanced conversation around women’s rights and the huge increase in numbers of girls and young women seeking to transition.

Some of the most heartbreaking letters I’ve received have been from young women who regret the irreversible surgeries they’ve undertaken. These stories need to be told.”

Yes, Jo Rowling indeed has Scrooge McDuck piles of f*ck you money. Piles. I wonder if she even has a massive vault she splashes around in, just because. But that self-made wealth level is why she can stand up to the mob and everyone else can’t. I can stand up to the mob too. Part of my job is to deliver my opinion, often with ad hominem attacks. So it’s also easy for me to say, “Transgenderism harms women.” Easy. Zero bad things happen to me.

That’s why more people like Rowling and Gervais must stand up to the mob and give courage to others to do so. Transgender advocates gaslight us daily, making us believe we’re the hateful crazy ones for insisting men are men, women are women, and there ain’t anything wrong with that. Because IF someone says, publicly, that which counters the transgender agenda, their societal life may be over. Not an exaggeration. They could be fired and never hired again. All it takes is one Google search.

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Stand up, Jo Rowling. I stand with you. I support you. We need you to push back since no one else really can. KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

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  1. Bernie Fynn

    Trans and homosexuality are mental illnesses and MUST be treated with rehabilitation and POLITICIANS have to show a backbone in saying this,they are not doing queers any favours bowing to them and they are causing so much tension in the community and so many dead heads who support trans are also wringing their hands over youth suicide.


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