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Joe Biden: Because Black Women Were Stacking Grocery Shelves, We Were Able To Stay Home

Joe Biden: Because Black Women Were Stacking Grocery Shelves, We Were Able To Stay Home

There are times I listen to Joe Biden and am amazed. You have him telling people ‘If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black,’ to the many, many other racists and outright terrible statements, yet the left keeps making excuses for him, spins it away. Can you imagine the press if Trump told African Americans, “If you don’t vote Trump, you aren’t black?” The outrage would be plastered on every headline, the GOP would run out of their offices as one, voicing in strong terms how disrespectful and racist this is, yet Biden says it, and there is not a peep.

I look at Biden, and I have to wonder, is he senile or suffering some mental decline? Or is just saying what is on his mind, and this has been covered up for so long it is a surprise when I hear it?

Biden ignored everyone else in his latest and said the only reason American was functioning was black women in grocery stores stocking shelves.

This is flabbergasting. Does he think only blacks do this, and more specifically, black women? Maybe he thinks this is the 1960s when they should be relegated to raising children, doing the white families cleaning and cooking? He is a Democrat, which is what they demanded of the Blacks in the 50s and 60s.

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In any event, Biden always seems to get himself into trouble when he veers away from prepared remarks.

It’s probably at least partially why his campaign avoids letting him speak to reporters with any kind of regularity.

Trump can be egocentric, self-centered, callous, speak before he thinks, but he has never made a statement like this, yet the Left and the press hates him, then brush away something much worse in the next breath from Biden.

But Biden is a whole different beast. Trump says things to outrage the left, tweets that send them off on a wild goose chase; while they are doing this, Trump is quietly doing what he set out to do, free from the demands and distractions from the left.

But Biden opens his mouth, and profoundly stupid and senseless statements come out, something they contain either terribly racist elements or have them in its undertone.

This is causing a huge problem for the woke left where they claim they are the protectors of the modern civil rights movement, yet they are protecting a dinosaur making statements you would have expected from the Democrats in the 50s or 60s.

Early in his 47-year career, Biden called the idea of an integrated school a “racial jungle,” Earlier this year, he told a black radio host on his radio program that if he wasn’t voting for him, then “you ain’t black.”

The host’s blackness was apparently contingent on whether he voted for him.

While this was done last month, it has only come to light now due to the press trying to cover this up.

NBC News proudly aired a roundtable discussion in which Biden addressed reporters on Sept. 15 at a “Roundtable with Veterans” event.

People look at Biden and wonder why he continues to resort to plagiarism, yet this should be of little surprise. He has a long history of this.

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Biden’s “black woman” comment began spreading online Monday afternoon:

One can hardly blame Biden for saying this, this is who he is, the problem is how the press is trying to once more ignore this.

We have Biden, who for the last 7 months has been locked in his basement, handled by professional handlers, all while Americans were risking life and mental health to make a living.

The media has helped to push the fear, the death toll numbers, and the lockdowns, all while keeping us perfectly safe from Biden’s latest comments disparaging minorities.

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Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has spent most of the last four days as a patient at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, after contracting the coronavirus.

The media that has savaged Trump for becoming ill is the same one that neglected us to tell us that Biden summarized the country’s black women as mere cogs in a machine to keep other Americans fed.

This is the same media that supports anti-police movements while simultaneously feigning concern for Secret Service agents when Trump briefly emerged from Walter Reed on Sunday to show the world that America’s president was hanging in there:

We know if Trump had stayed in the hospital, the press attacking him would have attacked him, saying he did not care about his supports.

The president, who is unfairly called a racist, is the leader who would not ask you to do something that he himself is not willing to do.

Trump has shown us that confidence and faith are what is needed to get us through these crises, Biden has shown nothing but lies, fear, and racism, all while hiding away in his basement.

The left loves to call Trump a racist, yet it is not Trump telling people they have to vote a certain way or they aren’t black, nor has he demeaned black women, yet this does not matter to the press, they are more interested in a spin then facts.

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