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Joe Biden Lashes Out at CBS News Reporter, Then Insults Him Personally

Joe Biden Lashes Out at CBS News Reporter, Then Insults Him Personally

From Louder with Crowder

Joe Biden, from every measurable public statistic we have available to us, looks like he’s going to have a good Election Day. It’s not something I would bet money on. There’s tons of anecdotal evidence that could point to another Trump upset. But whether people want to admit it or not, Joe Biden is the clear frontrunner with only like eighteen days or so to go. Which is odd because, generally speaking, the clear frontrunner doesn’t lash out at reporters like this.

Here’s the thing. Personally? I don’t care about the story. Or more accurately, I DIDN’T care about the story. The son isn’t Hillary Clinton, Trump isn’t running against the son, and I worry a little that the Trump Campaign might think this is their closing argument. The REACTION to the story is where my bullsh!t detector goes off and makes me think there’s a little something something going on. Big Tech not only actively worked to squash this story, but the Biden Campaign celebrated them doing so. THAT’S frightening. THAT is something we need to hear Joe Biden address. Big Tech’s reaction created a larger issue and a more dangerous one to anyone who even marginally cares about free speech. If there was really “nothing to the story” originally, it would have just fizzled out.

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Just like if there’s nothing to the story, a presidential candidate wouldn’t flip out and verbally attack the reporter asking a milquetoast question about it personally. Which as an aside, Democrats accusing the mainstream media of being biased against THEM isn’t even worth a snarky comment about how insulting to the intelligence that is. Case in point, how many reporters other than this guy have even said Biden’s son’s name out loud? Now think about how many reporters would be asking questions if the name was “Eric Trump.”

For a story that is supposed to be easily dismissed, Biden and Big Tech’s reaction to it doesn’t make it look like a story that’s easily dismissible. Just like Biden lashing out at the one reporter who asked him “hey, so, like, do you maybe have, like, a resposne or something” doesn’t make him look like an actual frontrunner in a presidential campaign.

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