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John Kerry Sells Out Our Ally To Our Enemy, Why Is He Still Serving In The Biden Administration?

John Kerry Sells Out Our Ally To Our Enemy, Why Is He Still Serving In The Biden Administration?

John Kerry finds himself up to his elbows in a scandal over giving secrets of our closest ally to a mutual enemy. Not only could he be guilty of violating the Logan Act, but he would also be guilty of aiding the enemy or worse.

It is one thing to give the secrets of an enemy to an ally. The Obama Administration had it all backward; they went to the number one sponsor of terrorism, who holds weekly gatherings where they call for both our and Israel’s destruction and give them data on Israeli attacks.

In a leaked audiotape, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed that while Kerry served as America’s top diplomat during the Obama administration, he discussed more than 200 operations that Israel had carried out in Syria against Iranian targets. He said that he was astonished at the revelations.


This comes after Kerry meets with Zarif, held as a private citizen after leaving office, and has also raised questions about what he has told Iranian officials over the years.

When Trump was in office, the Left scoffed at calls for investigation into the Logan Act violation; now we find out this was much worse than we thought. Not only was he, as an ex-official, handing over classified information to our enemy, but he was also aiding them in their conflict with another who was one of our closest allies.

While traitor is not the proper term here, aiding and abetting the enemy, passing classified information sure comes to mind. One has to wonder, where is the investigation? So far, the Democrats are silent, but we are starting to hear noises from the GOP; one hopes it grows in volume until the Democrats have no choice but to investigate.

 “This is something that deserves a Senate investigation. If it indeed is proven to be accurate, then John Kerry should seriously consider resignation,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The first-term senator added Kerry has put “our men and women in uniform at risk.”

In an interview with Fox News, Blackburn said, “This is serious. This is someone who has served our nation at very high levels that had information, whether as a Senator or as Secretary of State, and knew what was happening on the diplomatic and military front; giving that information to someone who is an adversary is something of tremendous concern to me.”

Others agree that a Senate probe of Kerry’s comments is warranted.

 “If these egregious allegations are true, we believe Mr. Kerry should be fired,” says Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the oldest pro-Israel group in the U.S. He added that there should be “an immediate and thorough investigation.”

Speaking for his national membership of more than 25,000, Klein stated, “To give information as a spy for possibly the most loyal ally that America has, Israel, is not only an outrage to an ally but it sends a message to other allies that certainly, Mr. Kerry can never be trusted and maybe America can’t be trusted with important private, confidential information.”

The Executive Director of Iranian Americans for Liberty, a New York-based activist group opposed to the Tehran regime, goes even further.

“These allegations from Iran’s Foreign Minister, if true, are grounds for treason,” according to the group’s executive director, Bryan E. Leib.

“We would like to see a united front from the Democrats and Republicans who serve on the House Homeland Security Committee by immediately issuing a subpoena for John Kerry to appear in a public hearing before the Committee next week,” Leib told Fox News.

If the accusations against Kerry are not true, Lieb added the one-time presidential nominee “should have nothing to worry about and should immediately comply with any subpoena requests  from the House Homeland Security Committee.”   

In a Twitter post, Kerry called the claims “unequivocally false.’


The question here then has to be asked, how would Iran be served by creating such a story? This could crash the whole negotiations with them to revive the Iranian Nuclear Deal, resulting in sanctions being lifted, something Iran is desperate to have done. Further, this was not a case of this being told to the press; this was a private conversation that was taped, there was no intent for this to get out.

The more this is looked at, the more we see that Kerry seems to have been involved with negotiations as a private citizen with a foreign power that is an enemy of the US, that is a crime. We need to have this investigated. We all know if one of Trump’s ex-cabinet level people went and did this to Biden, or if Bush’s officials had done this to Obama, the cries for blood would have been overwhelming. Yet, the Democrat leadership is saying nothing, and the White House says they will not comment.

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