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Joy Reid Has Gone Insane, Now Says If We Don’t Take Care Of Climate Change Little Green Men Will Attack

Joy Reid Has Gone Insane, Now Says If We Don’t Take Care Of Climate Change Little Green Men Will Attack

Moving to save the planet from Climate Change is so great, says Joy Reid; not only is what Joe Biden doing saving the planet, he may be saving us from an alien invasion.

I am not sure what she thinks will happen. Will we have a rerun of the old movie “Mars Attacks” or maybe “War of the Worlds?” It turns out that while no one is debating there is a changing climate, the left has taken this to religious fervor, claiming that if we don’t somehow magically take care of this, we most likely will see an alien invasion.

Reid spoke with White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy about President Joe Biden’s executive orders earlier in the day, making climate change a national security priority forms administration.


It turns out not only is Uncle Joe saving the planet from climate disaster, but he is also so heroic he is saving us from having little green men invading our planet.

“The actions include elevating climate change to a national security priority, suspending new leases for natural gas and oil development on federal lands and water, and directing the government to rely on science,” Reid began, saying that it marked a complete reversal of former President Donald Trump’s approach.

“It’s a 180-degree turn from the science-denying previous administration, which rolled back more than 100 environmental protections directly damaging the planet,” Reid said as she turned to McCarthy.

“Congratulations on your new job. It’s essential for the planet. You know, I always feel like if aliens ever really exist and they come and attack us, it’s because we destroyed the planet. That would be our punishment,” Reid said, going on to ask McCarthy specifically how much damage had been done during Trump’s presidency.

What we are being told is that Joe is so virtuous, at least compared to the immoral person who was in office before him, his virtue is saving this planet.

The press labels this as a job creation act, ignoring that we don’t have the tech to make us not reliant on fossil fuels. Instead, they are willing to sacrifice millions of jobs, our economy while trying to force this upon the rest of us.

To me, this sounds as mad as the “Green New Deal,” they have dressed this up differently. Still, by declaring a national emergency, they show this is greater than the threat faced by China, by illegal immigration, from COVID, from any threat facing us.


What is more amazing, Biden is demanding we look to science, yet this is not what they do. We are told that Democrats are the party of science, well, unless you are talking about a spontaneous change of sex, DNA, or anything else that they claim is somehow racist.

Even more amazing, we are now finding out that climate change is racist; they nor I am sure how, but throw racism in with climate change, and you somehow make it more legitimate in their mind.

The Democrats love to call themselves the party of science, yet this is all a lie. They only care about science when it is convenient. Otherwise, science is ignored to promote their agenda.

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