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Judge In Texas Supports Tyranny By Sentencing Hair Salonist For Daring to open business

Judge In Texas Supports Tyranny By Sentencing Hair Salonist For Daring to open business

A Texas judge, who needs a brush-up of the constitution and civil rights, sentenced a Dallas hair salon owner to seven days in jail for defying the Dallas lockdown order and opening her business to customers.

Judge Eric Moye told owner Shelley Luther that although her decision was “selfish,” she could avoid jail time if only she apologized and admitted the state was supreme, not her constitutional rights.

Moye said Luther’s statement should make clear “that you now see the error of your ways, and understand that the society cannot function where one’s own belief in a concept of ‘liberty’ permits you to flaunt your disdain for the rulings of duly elected officials.” The statement would also include an acknowledgment that the “proper way” to challenge a ruling would be to hire a lawyer to make that case.

Here the judge told her that her idea of liberty was disrespecting the elected officials, well I say to you Judge Eric Moye, you disrespect the constitution by thinking elected officials have a legal right to suspend our constitutional rights for the sake of political expediency or for a proclaimed act of keeping people safe.

We once saw something like this in a place called Germany. There the officials of the state knew best. If you were in trouble, you were asked to submit to the will of the elected officials, to say that you were wrong, then you may be set free. The ones that did not; they were sent to reeducation camps, and others went to prison. I must ask, “How much of a step further would it take to move us in this direction?”

We have already heard people from the left say if the Democrats win they want to open reeducation camps for Trump supporters, for people that dare uphold the constitution as the law of the land instead of the demands of the masses and the moral demands of the left.

I will say this, the reply you see from Luther, it makes her my hero, she was right, people are going hungry, the state or elected officials have cut off all access to income, they have stripped away our civil liberties in the name of the better good, that is never acceptable.

Here was her reply:

“Judge, I would like to say that I have much respect for this court and laws,” Luther said in response. “I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I’m ‘selfish’ because feeding my kids is not selfish. I have hair stylists that are going hungry because they’d rather feed their kids. So, sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut the salon.”

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R., Texas) criticized the judge’s ruling.

“These punishments are NOT just,” Crenshaw wrote on Twitter. “They are not reasonable. Small-minded ‘leaders’ across the country have become drunk with power. This must end.”

The elected officials may wish to be careful; there is an election coming up real soon, they may find that the same process that put them in power when they seize the liberties of people for the sake of extending their power, we can with an election replace them with someone that will look to our liberties, not the power of the government.

We need to take to heart the words of Ben Franklin:

While I am not advocating going out and mingling, using unsafe practices, ignore the warning of experts. To say we have to submit to our rights being stripped in the name of the better good, and to not fight against any civil liberty seized, demand our constitution is upheld up in every crisis, that is what I am demanding. We have given up our essential liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety.

To demand that citizens shut down their life, let their families starve, that is never acceptable, we need to get people back to their jobs.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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