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Judge Moore….The Attacks Continue

Judge Moore….The Attacks Continue

Any criminal psychologist will tell you that crimes don’t happen in a vacuum, they have events leading up to the crime committed, this is a pattern that they look for. We look at Judge Moore and this is the whole part that is missing, the pattern, we are held to believe that a man who is a very short period of his life did this type of thing, then moved on, not so much as a peep of it again. But there is a pattern that has been shown, and that is the accuser of Judge Moore, seems the press is ignoring this, this is what we need to start focusing on.

So let’s focus on the accusers and the times. What many are not speaking of is 39 years ago it was not that uncommon for a grown man to date a 17-year-old, many parents down south found this acceptable, but a 14-year-old, that is another story. Now we know of a story of Debbie Wesson Gibson who said she was 17, had dated the Judge in his late 20’s early 30’s, said they kissed once or twice, nothing went beyond that, if this would have been all, it would have been done with, there really isn’t any situation here, but what blew things up was the Washington Post’s article about him dating a 14-year-old when he was 32, the woman went on to claim that they had sexual relations with each other, but did it happen, is she credible, this is what the accusers are attacking so strongly over right now.

Leigh Corfman is the name of the woman that all the outrage is over, she claimed to the Washington Post that when she was 14 Judge Moore had taken her out with dates, claimed that there were sexual relations between them, but here is where it takes an interesting turn, was she 14? We have a close family friend whom upon hearing this tweeted:

Here we see the first crack appear in her story, you have a woman Marion Talley who is questioning the age, she states that in 1976 Leigh Corfman was dating her sibling, one would have to say, it is highly doubtful that at 11 she would have been allowed to date, even back then there were very large ramifications for dating someone this young.

Now we come to the next person questioning the whole concept, that would be a woman who knew her well through the churches they both attended, she had this to say, and it was questioned by Trump:

So basically what we have is a person that has gone from church to church, claimed there was inappropriate sexual contact with the church leaders and her, if we would have had one of this allegation, I would have been far more supportive of it, we all know that this type of thing does happen from time to time, the news is full of these stories, but we have her going from church to church doing this, in fact even took one pastor to court, the judge would not hear it because of the multiple stories she told, could not keep one straight.

But we need to go further into this, you have John Hinderaker who writes for Powerline pointed out that this is the same publication that destroyed Paul Allen’s presidential bid by printing unsubstantiated rumors, saying a worker in his campaign found him insulting and speaking down to her because she was of Indian decent, like with this one, there was nothing but the person’s word to go on, the accusation was made in a way to make him seem racist, they knew this would be enough to sink his presidential aspiration, now they have turned their attention towards Judge Moore. The political affiliation of the paper is not hard to figure out, it is owned by the same person that owns Amazon, Jeff Bezos, a democratic activist, who’s reporter, Callum Borchers, a political commentator who has tried to come off as a reporter, but is more a political activist masquerading as one, this is the same reporter that is obsessed with Trump and attacking what he sees as fake news sites, many times dismissing them outright because they have made the unforgivable mistake of supporting Trump, and this connection is where it all gets interesting.

When you start to look at the other accusers, you suddenly find they have one common theme, they are all activist within the democratic party. Deborah Gibson, who was one of the accusers, what is interesting is you can find pictures online of her working with the Hillary camp as a sign language interpreter and with VP Biden (pictures via facebook).

Turns out she also worked for Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Patrick Murphy and Sen. Bill Nelson, all democratic candidates, this alone make the whole story suspect, but coming from Clinton, the same ones along with the democratic challenger to Judge Moore that Washington Post has openly endorsed.

Judge Moore for his part has said this is all manufactured by the Democrats, they know this close to election they put him in a bad spot with little or no time to defend himself, in a statement from his campaign the release stated:

“The Washington Post has already endorsed the Judge’s opponent, and for months, they have engaged in a systematic campaign to distort the truth about the Judge’s record and career and derail his campaign. In fact, just two days ago, the Foundation for Moral Law sent a retraction demand to the Post for the false stories they wrote about the Judge’s work and compensation. But apparently, there is no end to what the Post will allege.
The Judge has been married to Kayla for nearly 33 years, has 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. He has been a candidate in four hotly-contested statewide political contests, twice as a gubernatorial candidate and twice as a candidate for chief justice. He has been a three-time candidate for local office, and he has been a national figure in two ground-breaking, judicial fights over religious liberty and traditional marriage. After over 40 years of public service, if any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now.
Judge Roy Moore is winning with a double-digit lead. So it is no surprise, with just over four weeks remaining, in a race for the U.S. Senate with national implications, that the Democratic Party and the country’s most liberal newspaper would come up with a fabrication of this kind. This garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation.”

We also find the take on this by John Hinderaker of Powerline who wrote“..the [writer’s] allegation that Moore tried to seduce a 14-year-old girl 38 years ago is more likely false than true, particularly given the gaping hole in the accuser’s story that has been attested to by her own mother.”
He then went on to say:

…be grounds for defeating a political candidate.  There is a reason why our criminal laws include statutes of limitation. After decades have gone by, it is often impossible to prove (or disprove) an allegation. The accuser in the present case remained silent for 38 years, during most of which time Moore was a prominent figure in Alabama politics. Now, a few weeks before a U.S. Senate election, at the importuning of a team of reporters from the Washington Post who are obviously determined to bring down the candidate, she sees fit to accuse Moore.

The essential elements of the speech is that the seat is far too important to the people of Alabama, the GOP, the Trump Agenda, the Senate and the nation to just cave into such accusations, the fact that the GOP leaders are showing signs of weakening shows the spinelessness of the leadership we have now, the talk of not accepting a Senator who is voted in by his constituents is just silly, if anything it shows their lack of willingness to fight for us, the American People, the perception for them is greater then their principles, makes one wonder if we would not be better off tossing all of them out, seems they are more in bed with the democrats on this shameful act then not.

I end this subject, not with my words, I find what John Hinderaker stated so well put, that I bow out to his statement concerning this:

…be grounds for defeating a political candidate.  There is a reason why our criminal laws include statutes of limitation. After decades have gone by, it is often impossible to prove (or disprove) an allegation. The accuser in the present case remained silent for 38 years, during most of which time Moore was a prominent figure in Alabama politics. Now, a few weeks before a U.S. Senate election, at the importuning of a team of reporters from the Washington Post who are obviously determined to bring down the candidate, she sees fit to accuse Moore.

Last, we need to fight back by supporting newscaster that is not afraid to say what is right or wrong, 0censor has had emails from the last article written, RIDDLED WITH ACCUSATIONS, SHOULD JUDGE MOORE STEP DOWN, demanding the story be pulled, claiming we are supporting pedophilia, nothing could be further from the truth, we find a problem that looking into the past of the accuser, to find terrible problems with their claims this is what we are supposed to do (seems today’s journalist don’t believe this any longer, as stated in the story, until guilt is shown we will assume innocence), we have said from the beginning, if guilt is shown then Judge Moore should step down in disgrace, but until then judgement will be withheld.


But will say, anyone that knows me and this site, intimidation, and threats will get you no place, all that will happen is I will for sure write another story about what made you so angry and will push twice as hard to get the facts out there.

We need to step up for people like Shawn Hannity who now is undergoing national attacks against his sponsors headed by Media Matters, they run a hack piece claiming to have stopped all these sponsors, but the reality is only one dropped Hannity, the others never advertised with him in the first place and stated as much. What I would suggest to all my readers is maybe we can return in kind to manufacturers like Keurig to see to it that we return the favor and make sure to not purchase a thing from them. If you are not understanding of the items they sell, I would love to help you, please go to this site, see what they sale, and make you sure to add that to your do-not-buy list. If you look at the reality of this, you, for the most part, have college kids, a younger political activist that doesn’t have the purchasing power of the middle to older age generation, it is time for us to answer these calls to boycott with boycotts of our own against companies falling to this silliness.

We at 0censor support that all are innocent until guilt is proven, we will not condemn Judge Moore anymore then we would a person on the other side of the aisle, although we will call out the hypocrisy of the ones on the left that are screaming the loudest when they, in turn, are caught doing the same thing.




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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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