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Judge Throws Mother In Jail For Baptizing Her Child

Judge Throws Mother In Jail For Baptizing Her Child

On a puzzling move by a court, where both parents of a child were Catholic, a judge issued a contempt of court ruling because a mother of a child the court said ignored the august power of the court. Her crime? Baptizing her child. For this she was sentenced to serve 7 days; she began serving the sentence Friday, WSOC-TV reported.

It’s amazing how the courts continue to go out of their way to attack what they see an expression of faith in any way, (at least if you are Christian or Jew, with Islam they seem to be OK), but now think they have a right to tell mother she has to go to jail for baptizing her child.  Where is the separation of Church and State here, or is it just another attack because she was Christian?

It interesting how the courts that have a fit if you openly display any religious expression of faith demand a complete separation of church and state now want to inject the state into religion.

What is more, the court is claiming that if anyone challenges their authority, they can be held in contempt, for some reason this court and judge seems to think they have more authority then a person’s faith. I would inform this court that I answer to a higher power, I have no problem with challenging the jurisdiction of this court, they have no business with trying to get involved with issues of personal faith. 

This judge, who  is running for re-election claims on his website:

In electing me as District Court Judge, you entrusted me with the authority to make critical decisions affecting your safety and legal rights.  You trusted me to follow the law, to respect the dignity of those before me, and to find the wisdom necessary to resolve the various disputes among you.  I remind myself every day of your hope that our justice system remains one of integrity and honor, one where justice for all is much more than a simple pledge.  In running for re-election, I renew that commitment to you and to the law.  I humbly ask that you allow me to continue to faithfully serve you and our community as District Court Judge.

I would say this judge is not going through with the promise now, seems he is not supporting separation of church and state, one can only hope the people of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina see this as well and boot him out of his position. The fact that the judge is a Republican means little to me, McCain is one too, look at how he turned out, his gross abuse of power shows he needs to go just like the GOP members in Washington that are more concerned about power than the people who elected them or what they promised while running for election. 

The judge and DA are claiming this is not about religion, this is about a court order; the mother acting against the order, had the child baptized without the fathers consent, that is nonsense, this is about the judge trying to think he has a legal right to rule on issues of faith, to overstep his boundaries of authority. 

If this was a one-time event, this would not be an issue, but this judge has had an ongoing feud with the DA’s office over this very type of conduct. 

The victim in all this? The child, the mother did what she thought was right, I am not Catholic, but 100% support her RIGHT to practice her faith, and do so with her child without any court interference. It seems like the courts only want to deal with religion when trying to take it away from someone. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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