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Justice Department And FBI Out Of Control!

Justice Department And FBI Out Of Control!

As we know from the Constitution, Congress controls the purse, thus they are made as overseers, like the president over departments within the US government, for some reason it seems the Justice Department and the FBI never learned this, they think they are only answerable to themselves, when Congress asks for something, so they can take care of their oversight, they are ignored by these two organization, I have to ask, “Why is this continuing a year after Trump and Sessions? Who is in charge, and why aren’t jobs being terminated over this?”

This once more has been brought to national attention after over a year of requesting over a million emails concerning the FISA Courts, the Justice Department has followed the lead of the FBI and has delayed and even put in roadblocks to following the warrant served by the Congress, they still have yet to turn over any material from the FISA courts.

We have to wonder, why isn’t a special counsel brought in to deal with this, in fact, more than one; this is not a small issue, this is a challenge to the free transition of power, something we have never seen in the history of this constitutional republic.  We saw under Obama people placed in power, many due to the refusal of the left to vote and slow down Trump appointees, there are still Obama appointees over a year later in key positions in the government, all held in place to weaponize and delay anything Trump has tried to put into place, this is not some small matter, this is sedition if not outright treason, to work against the will of the people to try to override their intent due to your political leanings. Make no mistake, this is not something we should ignore when people feel their political aspirations and leanings carries more weight than the rule of law we are in danger of anarchy and a total subversion of our democracy, this is not a small event, this is an attempted coup from the left.

What is needed now is drastic actions, I am beginning to think that AG Sessions is for sure not up to the task, and even though we hear rumors of investigations, this is not enough, we need to start to see a strip down of Obama appointees, even if it leaves both the FBI and the Justice department shorthanded. One does not keep a thief in a bank due to a lack of personnel, you fire them and deal with the extra work until you can find proper replacements, this needs to be the same with these two organizations now.

And this brings us to Sessions, President Trump needs to take a look at him, he has to this point had no problem with quickly replacing people that are not working in way that he thinks needs to be done, unless he knows something we don’t, it is time to pull the trigger on Sessions, bring someone in that is of great reputation that will take command of both the Mueller investigation and reign it in and then start cleaning house, starting with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, he needs to go the same way that Obama holdover Sally Yates went (another Obama appointee who put politics over the job), out the door.

We understand that things work slowly in Washington, but we have seen a change in this pace under President Trump, if you are not up to the task, like with any business, which is where Trump is from, you are fired and a suitable replacement is found. While this may be shocking to the left, it simply is not the way things were done, it makes sense, toss out the bad, and quickly, bring in new that is up to the task. We may hear grumblings, but that is not what we voted for, we wanted an outsider that could stir up Washington, to cause a change in the environment, to make it more streamline and weed out the deep state actors. While this has been started, it is still going far too slowly, but it is a year in, all we can do is hope like many other things in life, as this takes root it will take on a momentum and a life of its own. 

We have a right to have expectations of change if they are not produced we have an equal right to demand that the actors standing in the way be removed so the change we voted for can be brought about. No more is the old way of doing things in Washington, cronyism, and attention to special interests more important than representing our will, if people we elect in aren’t capable of understanding this, we need to act, we control the ultimate power, for their jobs are dependent on our votes, it’s time to remind all of Washington of this.

Justice and the FBI, for that matter so are many other departments, such as our intelligence agencies, holdovers in the State Department, these all need sweeping changes, while we are willing to give time to see these changes come about, our patience is not infinite, we do have a right to demand that changes are made, the old way of doing things is no longer acceptable.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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