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Kaepernick Suing the NFL For Lack of Employment

Kaepernick Suing the NFL For Lack of Employment

Kaepernick taking the NFL to Court For Not Hiring Him.

Kaepernick is at it again, this time he is bringing a lawsuit to the NFL because they will not hire him. Seems in the rush of liberal praise he never bothered to realize the fact that he was benched for terrible play. Also, teams are supported by fans, if you offend them, which he was great at doing, you start to lose these said fans.

Most of us understand we work at the pleasure of the employer, this does not mean that we are property, but as an EMPLOYEE we know that any move that would bear negatively on the business we work for and cause a loss of customers and income, we would lose our job. In any other job in the world, we understand that if this occurred the loss of a job would be the only outcome that could happen.

For businesses is in place to make money, not lose money while making a social statement, although if they can do both, it would be admirable. Today we have a former employee of the NFL, Kaepernick has decided that it is not the right of an employer to hire who is going to best serve them with their goal of maximizing profits, he is suing to try to say that employment is the employees right, not the right of a company to hire, that has ZERO chance of standing up to a challenge, although if he tries this in a more liberal-leaning court, he may get by with it, but would quickly be overturned by a higher court.

This all arose out of the protests that Kaepernick was part of, said he was kneeling to protest what he thought was police brutality towards African Americans, even though there is no proof that supports such a claim.

If you do research you find the evidence supports exactly the opposite (if you compare violent crime by demographics, then look at shooting at cops, you find first the African American population while it makes up just 12.5% of the American population it commits over 60% of all murders in the nation (sadly most of these are black on black killings).

They also commit over 50% of armed robberies, over 35% of assault and batteries, which means they even with this are committing almost 3 times what any other demographic is committing, then add the black armed conflict with cops, you will find if there were police brutality, there would be by a factor of 10 the amount of police on blacks taking lives, instead you see if you look at the taking of life with the White or Black, you figure in the population factor, you come out with the same numbers, if you compare with the same numbers of people (i.e., out of a 1,000 .0035 deaths on each side, they are almost identical, a couple of digits in the hundredth thousands are different).

The other problem with Kaepernick saying he was only protesting police brutality on blacks, if this were the case he would not have worn socks portraying cops as pigs, supported tyrant terrorist who killed tens of thousands in the name of national socialism, or worse, Fidel, may he rest in hell, he killed hundreds of thousands, sent soldiers all over the world to try to overthrow democratically elected governments. In the end what you had a pampered child who claims there was oppression, if he had bothered with some basic fact-checking he would have found most of the claims are BS from the press, very little truth behind them.

Seems the left today is more interested in making other’s victims claim they are being oppressed when most of the time exactly the opposite is happening. Reminds me of my child when he was a baby, you go up to him, speak in a sad voice, ask if he has a hard life, soon this child that was pampered with love and protection would start to pucker up, his little lip would start quivering, he would whimper and have tears running down his cheeks, they would melt down into a full sobbing fest (if my wife ever allowed it to get to that point, which was almost never), that is what much of the public is like now, they don’t care that there is no proof of this nonsense the talking heads are spewing, they heard they were victims, now demand they somehow get compensated for it, sadly these adults have turned from acting like adults to acting just like my child did when he was a baby, facts don’t matter, what they feel does.
In the end, Kaepernick will find that for every action there is an equal reaction, he chose to protest, disrespected in the fans’ minds what they held so dear, they reacted. Contrary to what you hear, it is not the players that dictate a reaction, it is the fans, they are the ones paying, without them you would not have multi-billion dollar business, the other players now going forward and stupidly threatening to strike, they too are going to find if they continue they will also lose their fan support, drop of fans will mean a reduction of revenues, when contracts with the networks come up, they will demand a reduction in the contract price, there are far fewer viewers, this comes due to the fact that the networks can’ charge as much for advertising spots.

All of this does not include the problems with teams seeking new or refurbished stadiums; if you look at the last ten votes for a stadium,  the team doesn’t pay for this, the fans do. Green Bay is a perfect example, no town in the NFL has a city whose residents own shares on the team. The support is so strong that the city shuts down during the game, you basically have a stadium that seats 70% of the total population of the city, a stadium that has over a 20 year waiting list for season tickets, you have parents that when their children are born, they put their names on the waiting list for season tickets so they will get them when they are young adults, yet with all this support the vote to expand the stadium only had 52% vote in favor of the stadium.

Now you have angered much of the fan base, the ones that in the past voted in tune with the team’s desires, do you think they are going to lose voters? The simple fact is when you win by only 52%, means 48% voted no if you have lost 2.5% of the fans, you just lost the vote to put in improvements. This is what the owners understand, the NFL too, but players like Kaepernick, Kenny Stills, Mike Thomas, Julius Thomas, Marquise Goodwin, Eli Harold, Arik Armstead, Joe Williams, Eric Reid, Donte Johnson, Ukeme Eligwe, Marcus Peters and Martilious Bennett don’t, so they become poison to the NFL. While some may enjoy some support for their actions if they live in areas of the nation that is farther left then others, if they lose their jobs, have fun getting employed elsewhere, as we have seen with Kaepernick, just the mere mention brings the fans out, protesting in outrage that he is even mentioned.

So, does Kaepernick have a case? Of course he does not, he was damaging the NFL brand, it is the same as if a coke spokesman went on National TV, said that he doesn’t like coke, anyone that is not a racist only drinks Pepsi, then attacks anyone who will not listen, Coke, like the NFL has every legal right to protect their brand, that means that this man will never see another snap in the NFL, and here is to hoping these other players to get to share in his experience, talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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