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Kamala Harris Poses In Front Of Communist Ho Chi Minh Bust – Tries To Emulate Jane Fonda

Kamala Harris Poses In Front Of Communist Ho Chi Minh Bust – Tries To Emulate Jane Fonda

While in Vietnam last week, Kamala Harris posed with Vietnamese Communist leaders in front of the Ho Chi Minh sculptures.

Ho Chi Minh was a brutal dictator and the founder of the Vietnamese Communist Party. His regime carried out a class genocide against wealthy farmers and landowners, killing hundreds of thousands in Vietnam.

Who is she appealing to in this photo?


Kamala Harris bailed on the United States when catastrophe struck in Afghanistan, traveling to Singapore and Vietnam.

One has to ask themselves, is it OK replacing Biden with this woman? She makes Biden look competent; that is a terrifying statement.

Fox News and The Gateway Pundit reported,

This week’s scenes of crowds gathering at Kabul’s airport and U.S. military helicopters arriving to pick up passengers at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital revived grim memories of desperate Vietnamese people trying to board U.S. helicopters as they left the embassy in Saigon more than four decades ago.

The prospect of Harris visiting Vietnam at this particular moment raised the possibility of the worst photo op for an American in that country since Jane Fonda donned a helmet there in 1972.

Radio Free Asia reports,

The land reform was a massacre of innocent, honest people, and using contemporary terms we must say that it was a genocide triggered by class discrimination.

More than 172,000 people died during the North Vietnam campaign after being classified as landowners and wealthy farmers, official records of the time show.

Unofficial estimates of those killed by Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam Labor Party, which later become the Vietnamese Communist Party, range from 200,000 to 900,000.

The Vice President of the United States posed for a photo in front of a Communist Dictator.

Ho Chi Minh was once an enemy, but to this Administration, he is a friend.

Kamala is one of them.

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We see the left turn everything that was good about this nation around.

Our military today is more concerned about social awareness than winning wars. Instead of fighting our enemies, we have the Joint Chief of Staff looking to political correctness.

Our Vice President thinks our men killed in Kabul is a laughable thing.

She is in charge of our southern border, yet has never visited the area, only comes on to say how wonderful it is.

This is the left’s idea of a good America, the rest of us see it going the way of ancient Rome, it is time to stand up, throw these useless politicians out, and I mean from both sides of the Isle, and put people in who care about this country, not their social cause or who they’re sponsored by.

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