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Kamala Harris Shares Video That Sounds Like an Endorsement of Marxism

Kamala Harris Shares Video That Sounds Like an Endorsement of Marxism

Kamala Harris has always been among the most radical leftists in the Senate. That’s not news. It’s a fact she hangs her Timberlands on. Or her Chucks, or her Air Ones. Really, whatever popular shoe that has been market-tested to make her be all SLAY KWEEN that week. I don’t care about footwear. However, I do care about her horrible policies, considering she may be a day away from being vice president and three days away from leaking the words “25th Amendment” to the press about Joe Biden.

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That’s why her tweeting this video just before people vote is concerning. Her idea of equality vs. equity sounds an awful lot like Marxism.

I don’t care what she labels it or how cute the animation is. Supporting equality of outcomes is in fact Marxism. Communism and/or socialism too. All the bad -isms. The only way equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place is if the government takes the controls. The only way we end up “at the same place” is if the government pulls up people who aren’t hard-working and successful while pulling down those who are, which they do by over-regulating every aspect of your lives.

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It’s the basic difference between what conservatives/Americans believe and what the leftists want to turn our country into. And the Democrat candidate for vice president is releasing cartoons on what she has planned for the country as part of her closing argument before most of the country votes. I know every year they say it’s the most important election of our lifetimes. Democrats openly endorsing Marxism like this is why this year, it actually is.

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