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Kavanaugh Nomination, Where Is Justice And Fairness?

Kavanaugh Nomination, Where Is Justice And Fairness?

We have all watched the drama unfold; Ford makes a tearful plea of what she believed happened to her, Kavanaugh makes a stand that it may have, sure was not him. This sadly is enough to convict him in the minds of many, today you don’t need proof of guilt, just an accusation and you are guilty. Now we have an FBI investigation; Trump is giving them a free reign, the question has to be asked, we know what will happen if Kavanaugh is found to be not telling the truth, what about if Ford is found to be lying, do they press charges on her for lying? If this is going to be done, it needs to be done in a way that the risk is born by both sides, then and only then will we see this acting within the law and showing fairness!

In all of life one bears a risk, I have to ask, if FBI finds out that it was the Liberal Senators that aided in this, this whole thing was a unified attack, and I believe it was, but proof of this is shown, shouldn’t the ones behind it be exposed, even have charges pressed against against them? If not, where is the fairness in this equation?

And we have to look at the more absurd claims, the ones have done under an affidavit; if these are a lie, and they most likely are, shouldn’t charges then be placed against the parties that perpetrated this lie? We hear the demand of justice from the #MeToo movement, but this justice has to go both ways, or it is not justice, just a lynch mob. If one makes an accusation, and it is found to be false, we not only have the right to ask justice be served against the one lying, we have the right to demand it, just like the #MeToo crowd is doing. There is a demand for justice, but justice needs blindness and fairness to truly be just.

And why not be honest, none of these accusations against Kavanaugh was done in the interest of justice by Feinstein or any of the other Democrat Senators, they could care less about Ford, it was obvious in the way they sold her out when it was convenient, this is only about the control of the Supreme court, does not matter how many innocents lie bloody in the ditch, so long as they get what they are after.

I am all about justice; I firmly believe that if Kavanaugh is found to be lying, then roast him and expose him, let him bear this guilt. But, if Ford or the others are found to be lying, today most times this is not prosecuted, it needs to be, these people just made a concerted effort to destroy this man’s life, if there is no truth in this, then in all fairness, and all that is just, we need to demand that justice be served against them equally as well. We should not only require Justice be done against Kavanaugh for Ford if he is lying but that justice for Kavanaugh against Ford be done if she is.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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