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Kenosha Wisconsin burns and deals with Riots In Aftermath Of Police Shooting.

Kenosha Wisconsin burns and deals with Riots In Aftermath Of Police Shooting.

Last night Kenosha Wisconsin burned as they dealt with riots over a shooting of a black man.

At this point there are no details other then he was shot multiple times, he is still alive and is in the hospital.

What is know is you can see from the video below the people around the man were screaming “don’t do it,” at this point, we don’t know if they were screaming at the police or the individual. You see the man force himself away from the police, go to his car and is reaching in for something. At this point, we don’t know if it was a gun, his wallet, or his keys, but the police responded by opening fire.

Here is that video (warning – there is violence):

Kenosha is on the shore of Lake Michigan, just north of the border between Wisconsin and Illinois.  It is roughly halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee.  It has a population of approximately 100,000 residents and a police force of only 185 officers.  That is to cover three shifts, so the number of officers available on any one shift is no more than about 90.

Community tension with the police over the shooting mounted very quickly as darkness fell.  Videos are now starting to hit twitter of protests that have been underway for hours, and the inability of the local police — Kenosha PD and Kenosha Sheriffs Deputies — to deal with the problem.

Kenosha is a city that is 83% white, and only 8% African-American.  The incident is going to spark serious racial animosity due to the tiny percentage of the population that is African-American. Yet, it is an African-American male who is on the receiving end of 8 shots.

As a resident in Wisconsin, I can attest that people are tired of this violence, while it may have gone on one night, it may be met back with strong resistance if this is tried another night.

What started as a demonstration, one I may add, that at this point, there is little or no information on what happened, yet this was an excuse to turn the protest into a violent riot, with looting, burning of property, and vandalism. The local police were merely too few to stop the violence without resorting to the deadly force which they did not do, and they can expect little help from the Governor who is cut from the same cloth as other liberal governors around the nation.

In the video above you see a brick is used to strike down an officer. I am not a supporter of violence, but if the police are going to be assaulted by such things they should have a right to respond with force.

Here you see Black Lives Matter showing appreciation for a car dealership who has on their sign that they support Black Lives Matter by setting their cars on fire.

Here we see a Italian restaurant set on fire.

One has to wonder, if the police are not going to protect one’s property, which a business is, it was a family ran business, how long until the owners of these businesses say they have had enough and start to bring family members together, arm them and let the protestors know if they try to destroy their business they will be met with violence?

Here you have a rioter with a gun screaming profanity and telling the people to leave. One has to wonder, was he telling the protestors to leave?

According to Ian Miles Cheong, the rioters have left the area where the shooting took place, and are not doing property damage, including at the Kenosha County Courthouse.

Here is the peaceful aftermath of these so-called peaceful Black Lives Protests, I wonder if CNN is taking notice?

Kenosha is like many other small American cities; they will put up with this one night, if this is tried again another, and then continues, expect the people to rise and say enough.

It is a sad thing when we have to look at the people because Democrats have tied the hands of the police, and the governor is not willing to put an end to this.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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