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Kyle Rittenhouse tells Tucker Carlson which media & celebs are on the list to possibly be sued for defamation

Kyle Rittenhouse tells Tucker Carlson which media & celebs are on the list to possibly be sued for defamation

Kyle Rittenhouse was on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Monday night and made it known that some well-known people could soon be sued for defamation. Rittenhouse even provided some names:


It sounds like some lawyers are about to have some extra work.

Stay tuned!

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Notes from the Editor

Going over the Twitter replies, people’s claims online show how ignorant many in America are with the difference between freedom of speech and defamation law.

While we all have the right to free speech, Kyle has no right to silence, but he does have a legal right to ask for people to be held accountable for spreading malicious lies, many times after they knew the facts, but found the lies more enticing to spread a narrative they were at the time.

Even after being informed that Kyle did not bring a gun across state lines continued the narrative that he did; he came to seek a confrontation, yet when the facts were looked into, it was found that he came for the exact opposite reason.

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After the hearings were done, we found that Kyle had come under attack; shots were fired in his direction, he was assaulted by more than one. When it came to a time when he felt his life was threatened enough to warrant the use of deadly force, he did not respond by spraying the area with bullets; he fired on the people who were a threat, then left the scene of the shooting looking for the police.

Because the press went after him, not to report the truth, but to paint him in a light that was supportive of the narrative they were trying to create, this put his life at risk and caused hardship. Because of this, he has a case and would love to see him hold these leftist talking heads to tasks where it hurts the worst, their wallets, and by forcing a public acknowledgment that they lied.

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