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L.A. Liberals and BLM tells City Not To celebrate The Fourth, They Gave A Roaring Reply!

L.A. Liberals and BLM tells City Not To celebrate The Fourth, They Gave A Roaring Reply!

L.A. yesterday told their people you would not celebrate the Fourth of July, they canceled the fireworks, all to appease Black Lives Matter who were saying the celebration is a celebration of White Supremacy, the people replied in a fashion not expected.

The sky across Southern California was illuminated with fireworks as the region celebrated the Fourth of July.

Although fireworks are illegal in the city of Los Angeles and all firework displays are banned in L.A. County this year, that didn’t stop residents on Saturday.

With most professional firework shows canceled this year, many took it upon themselves to put on their show, many of which included illegal fireworks.

Video captured from ABC7’s stationary cameras throughout the region, including one at LAX, showed how widespread they were being set off.

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Many people said they enjoyed the fireworks displays, even though it put the public in danger.

“It sounds like they’re teaming up to make sure everybody here, everybody over there, everybody in this vicinity is getting the right amount of fireworks — no matter where they are,” Sheikh Ahamed said.

The people were told that it was not fashionable to celebrate the birth our great republic, Black Lives Matter said all of us that to celebrate our freedom was not OK, by so doing we are showing support for racism, the people in a roaring reply said enough, we are celebrating the greatest nation on earth, we will celebrate, we no longer care if you are offended.

Americans have been told none stop that we should not be proud of our nation, Black Lives Matter, and the Progressive Left have tried to hold us down with a boot on our neck, “NO LONGER!” we shout, we are AMERICANS!

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