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Laura Bush, Where Were You?

Laura Bush, Where Were You?

Laura Bush now is adding her voice to attacking Bush, but Laura Bush, where was your voice for eight years, why then did you say nothing? During the eight years of Obama destroying this nation from within with political correctness, attacking Christians, trying to force ideology on even the people of faith, we heard nothing from the Bush’s, they sat silently giving consent, now that Trump is in office as if by magic they found their voice, one has to wonder, where was their voice before?

Laura Bush came out with an editorial today where she attacked President Trump over the policy of splitting up children from their parents, but where was she for the eight years prior to this when Obama did that, held kids in cages? For some odd reason she sat in silence, why is it that she and the other Bush’s said nothing during the Obama administration, but now are becoming one of the most vocal critics of the Trump administration?

So Laura Bush, where were you when Obama did the same thing? Why then did you choose not to say anything? Where were you when the Obama administration lied to the American people, sent around their own people to lie to us about our ambassador and people killed over in Lybia? What about as ISIS was killing the tens of thousands of kids in Syria by beheaded, shooting them tied up to swing sets, where were you?

And what about your husband Laura Bush, why is it that now he has a voice to fight against what Trump is doing, but never had one when Obama was in office? And what about your Father-In-Law Laura Bush, why was it that he supported Obama but now has attacked Trump for daring to do what he should have done?

Laura Bush,  what do you propose we do? The whole immigration issue is a trap laid out by the liberal left, and you sadly fell right into it. The left wants to bring in millions of illegals from the border, give them citizenship with the right to vote, and why? Because they show an overwhelming majority support the Democrats; but do any of us think they would be of the same mind if they showed overwhelming GOP support? I promise they would then be screaming “Build the Wall” may even be donating bricks to build it.

The reason I call this a trap is they set it up that unless Trump opens the borders they will scream of the inhumanity of it all, but where was the outrage over parents sending their kids to the border during the prior eight years, subjecting them to rape, attacks, being abused as they made the trip to the border, children as young as 6 or 7 sent to make such a trip by themselves, where was their moral outrage then? Wait, the press heaped praise on Obama, now that these kids want to be part of our society, and I understand this, the left refuses to negotiate, they act like they are in a position of strength.

I would love to remind you all what Obama said when he won his second election, “Elections have consequences,” the consequence here is you no longer have the majority in either the Senate or the House, nor do you control the White House, sadly seems the GOP never got that memo.

This whole affair has solidified one thought in my head, I will never again cast a vote for a Bush, and I find myself ashamed now knowing I did. I am saddened to learn they care more about the system than fixing it, that they care more about the establishment and the deep state then the very people they were supposed to represent, in the end, I shake the dust off my clothes, I am finished with all of them.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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