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Lauren Boebert Goes Scorched Earth – Attacks Swalwell, AOC, Waters During Hearings to Censor Rep. Paul Gosar

Lauren Boebert Goes Scorched Earth – Attacks Swalwell, AOC, Waters During Hearings to Censor  Rep. Paul Gosar

Lauren Boebert, not one to let hypocrisy go unchallenged, stood up and called out the Democrats during the Rep. Gosar hearings.

When the Democrats stood on their podium and showed that they were somehow outraged over a cartoon, Lauren Boebert had none of it.


She took the floor to deliver a scathing rebuke of Democrats who are currently wasting the people’s time by voting to strip Rep. Paul Gosar of his committee assignments. She went there on several topics that most Republican politicians are too squeamish to ever talk about.

“This is a dumb waste of the House’s time, but since the Speaker has designated the floor to discuss members’ inappropriate actions, shall we?” Boebert said in her speech.

“The Jihad Squad member from Minnesota has paid her husband—and not her brother husband—the other one, over a million dollars in campaign funds. This member is allowed on the Foreign Affairs Committee while praising terrorists.”

Boebert was referring to Rep. Ilhan Omar, who hit back on Twitter: “Luckily my dad raised me right; otherwise I might have gone to the floor to talk about this insurrectionist who sleeps with a pervert. I am grateful I was raised to be a decent human and not a deprived person who shamefully defecates & defiles the House of Representatives.” It seems her father did not raise her well enough to know it was not right to marry her brother.

Boebert also railed against Rep. Maxine Waters, saying she “incited further violence in the streets outside of a courthouse” over her call for protesters to “get more confrontational” if Derek Chauvin was acquitted of killing George Floyd.

She also brought up Rep. Eric Swalwell’s contact with a suspected Chinese spy who targeted U.S. politicians and an unsubstantiated rumor that the congressman had a sexual relationship with the woman.

“The cherry on top—my colleague and three-month presidential candidate from California who is on the Intelligence Committee slept with Fang Fang, a Chinese spy,” Boebert said. “Let me say that again, a member of Congress who received classified briefings was sleeping with the enemy! This is unacceptable!”

We have a House Foreign Affairs Committee member in Rep. Ilhan Omar. She is credibly accused of marrying her brother while subsequently paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to her former lover (now husband). In another instance, Rep. Rashida Tlaib defended terrorists firing rockets at children and repeated anti-Semitic claims of a false Jewish blood libel.

And lest we forget, there is also a member of the Intelligence Committee in Rep. Eric Swalwell who slept with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang and lied about it, because as you know, things always manage to get more absurd. Yet, no leadership is doing anything to strip any of those bad actors of their committee assignments.

But the House is using taxpayer money to try to punish Gosar over a freaking cartoon? This entire thing is asinine, and it’s precisely why no one likes Congress. It’s a body full of self-righteous hypocrites who carry one set of rules for themselves and another for their enemies.

I am tired of the toothless GOP, the DNC goes to illegal means to attack them, yet the GOP does nothing. I am, by no means, encouraging to break the law, but I do think if the GOP takes both houses, they should start impeachment hearings against both Biden and Harris; turnaround is fair play.

Democrats Censor Rep. Paul Gosar

Paul Gosar, DDS, a Republican member of Congress from Arizona, has officially been censured by House Democrats plus GOP turncoats Cheney and Kinzinger.  He has also been stripped of his committee assignments by the Democrats plus the two turncoats.  The vote was 223 to 207, with one member voting present and three not voting at all.

Watching the house action against Dr. Gosar, I could not help but remember the threats against Trump; At the same time, members of the House openly called for people to harass people who worked for him, to attack his followers, there was never a peep from these members over this, but you make up a meme about Biden, this is a work of violence?

The censure resolution, H. Res. 789, consisted of nine preambular paragraphs and three operative provisions.  In the opening preambular paragraph, Dr. Gosar was charged with posting, November 7, 2021, “a manipulated video on his social media accounts depicting himself killing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joseph Biden.”

The third preambular paragraph stated that on November 9, 2021, Rep. Gosar “defend[ed] the video as a ‘symbolic cartoon,'” adding that it spread “hateful and false rhetoric about immigrants.”

The fourth preambular paragraph stated that the House Republican leadership “failed to condemn Representative Gosar’s threats of violence against the President of the United States and a fellow Member of Congress.”

The fifth preambular paragraph stated that the House Grand Inquisitor, oops, I mean the “the Speaker of the House” “made clear that threats of violence against members of Congress and the President of the United States shall not be tolerated.”


The sixth preambular paragraph deftly invoked the Capitol invasion last January: “Whereas depictions of violence can foment actual violence and jeopardize the safety of elected officials, as witnessed in this chamber on January 6, 2021.”

The last three preambular paragraphs took note of the harmful effects on women of the “global phenomenon” of “violence against women,” citing the finding of the Inter-Parliamentary Union “that 82 percent of women parliamentarians have experienced psychological violence” with 44 percent getting death threats, “sexual violence beating, or abduction during their terms” — and the last preambular paragraphs said women in politics “made government more representative and just.”

The three operative paragraphs censured Dr. Gosar, required that he stand in the well “for the pronouncement of censure” and “be censured with the public reading of this resolution by the Speaker.” By amendment to the censure resolution, H. Res. 789, Dr. Gosar was stripped of his places on the Oversight and Reform Committee and the Natural Resources Committee.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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    IT IS SO MUCH WORSE. FEN FEN is Swalwells HANDLER. Eric Likes Chinese girl about age 11 he makes them shave their head before raping them. He is a sick man. This from rescued Chinese girls. Right from their mouths. RUN Eric RUN. Satan will not protect you.


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