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Lawmakers Move for Impeachment of Gov. Whitmer After New Round of Restrictions

Lawmakers Move for Impeachment of Gov. Whitmer After New Round of Restrictions

A group of Republican Michigan legislators rallied virtually on Sunday for impeachment hearings against Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

State Rep. Matt Maddock wrote in Facebook and Twitter posts that he and several other current and incoming GOP legislators will challenge Whitmer’s “impeachable conduct.”

According to WILX-TV, Maddock’s posts were on the heels of Whitmer’s announcement of new restrictions by the state Department of Health and Human Services that start Wednesday and continue through Dec. 8.

Maddock said Whitmer violated Michigan residents’ constitutional rights, ignored “due process and the legislature,” weaponized “contract tracing databases to aid democrat campaigns,” used children as “political pawns” and did not provide in-person classes for special needs students.

He also blamed her for “the unnecessary death of thousands of our vulnerable elderly who died alone and scared in nursing homes.”

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On Twitter, Maddock wrote that Whitmer had “crossed the line,” saying, “The list of violations is long and the call is overdue.”

The lawmaker received support, pushback and legal threats on Twitter.

Whitmer also took to Twitter on Sunday with her revised mandates.

Beginning Wednesday in Michigan, in-person classes for high schools and universities, businesses that can operate remotely, theaters, bowling alleys, casinos, and indoor dining will be closed.

She also suspended fitness classes and high school and college sports programs, although individual exercise at gyms, outdoor recreation, professional sports and Big Ten football may continue.

Whitmer will allow schools up to the eighth grade and child care centers to stay open, along with outdoor dining, takeout, hair salons, parks, health care facilities, and manufacturing businesses.

“In the spring, we listened to public health experts, stomped the curve, and saved thousands of lives together,” she said in a statement.

Whitmer asserted “there are thousands of cases a day and hundreds of deaths a week in Michigan, and the number is growing.”

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