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Leaked Seattle Gov’t Documents Allege Justice System Is Built From ‘White Supremacist Culture’

Leaked Seattle Gov’t Documents Allege Justice System Is Built From ‘White Supremacist Culture’

Documents reportedly leaked from the Seattle King County Executive’s Office claim that the justice system is built off of “white supremacist culture,” white leadership, and racism.

The documents, obtained by Discovery Institute Research Fellow Christopher Rufo, come after Seattle put forward a plan that would drastically reduce funding for police departments and close a large county jail.

One document said that the structure of the juvenile justice system is “white leadership,” “white supremacist culture,” and “racial profiling.” It claimed that the “mental models” used within the system are “racism,” “white resistance (fragility),” and victim-blaming.

The “values and agreements” page listed six conditions, which said to “isolate race” and to “examine the presence and role of whiteness.” The document then goes on to list elements of “white culture,” which includes “individualism,” “perfectionism,” “politeness,” “worship of the written word,” and the “belief in objectivity.”

A section on outcomes defines “rights holders” as “most impacted folks (youth, Black & Brown communities” and asks “from the perspective of rights holders, what is the problem?”

In a list of “organizational issues to expect,” the documents listed both strong support and strong pushback from the community. “Stress, confusion, and a sense of overwhelm” should also be expected, according to the documents.

Seattle’s plan, which is supported by the majority of city council, would cut the police budget by 50% and close the county jail, which currently houses 60% of Seattle’s prison population, according to Rufo.

“The effects are actually quite simple,” Rufo said Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “When you have 50% fewer officers, when you have 60% fewer jail cells, you’re going to have a huge increase in crime.”

“For everything but the most serious offenses — murder, rape, armed robbery — people are going to be booked and immediately released back on the streets,” he added. “So you’ve destroyed any deterrent for criminal activity and what happens when you create a void of lawlessness, that will be filled very soon with violence, with disorder, and with mayhem.”

The King County Executive’s Office has not yet responded to a request for comment.

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