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Did We Learn Anything From 9/11?

Did We Learn Anything From 9/11?

Yesterday was a somber day, the anniversary of 9/11, I sat at home, remember 17 years ago, turned on the TV, was horrified to see one of the Buildings of the World Trade Center complex on fire, then when the second plane crashed into the second building I knew we were under attack. I like most Americans ran through a gambit of feelings, anger, sadness for loss, learned that in our own sheltered area, we can be struck, then was angry over the government not taking this seriously. 9/11 changed this nation, scarred us, but did it change us for the better?

But now 17 years later, what did we learn from 9/11? Did America come under any more attacks? Is the world a safer place, are we more secure because of our actions after that, and is our unity in the wake of the attack, that we all saw and experienced, still surviving today?

The anger we felt I remember well, I was at the time working at a company, had gone out the night after, there on the street corner was a group of Hispanic males, they were cheering about the attacks the day before, on 9/11, said it was good for America. Remember the reaction of the company, we pilled out, confronted them, told them if this was the way they felt, then get the hell out of this nation, we sure did not want them here, the words turned heated, a scuffle ensued. Would I do it all over again? You bet I would, I will never tire of standing up for this great nation of ours. Sadly today I am not doing this with foreign nations, rather with misguided stupid kids out of college who openly preach of their disdain for this nation.

We have all heard the fictional accounts, racist fools will always come out of the woodwork in cases like these, conspiracy nuts as well, rather than accept this was the act of terror, they try to blame it on dancing Jews that did not exist, a testimony of a supposed Police officer no one ever heard of, and there is no record of. Conspiracy nuts blame this on charges placed in the building, one has to wonder, if you worked on construction, you would know that to place such a thing on beams, you have to deconstruct the area, then place what you need there, why did no one see this? Sometimes the crazy in people just has to get out.

But what did we learn? We saw Bush and the leadership speak of how peaceful these Muslims are, but are they? Over 97% of all terrorist attacks in the world have one common theme, and I am being generous with this number, they are committed by Muslims, it is obvious that something is wrong. Is this the fault of all Muslims? Of course not, but then you can look back to World War 2, not all Germans were Fascist, only about 10% of the population was, but because the 90% refused to stand up for what was right, the 10% dictated the direction of the nation. To be honest, the fascist did win 33% of the vote in the elections before they seized power, but that does not show support of the party, more than they were what the Germans considered as the best choice, I am sure none of us held our noses and voted in the past.

And Germany is not an aberration, look at Russia, under Stalin wiped out 50 million people, gathered up people and threw them in work camps, re-education camps, and some were sent straight to extermination camps or shot against walls, but was all Russia behind this? The members of the communist party at the time were not that great, but what they were doing, was the same thing the Fascist was, educating the youth, they knew if they could re-educate then their future would be more secure. Sound familiar? In the end the minority ruled the communist in Russia, China as well, not because they had a majority, if the majority had risen against them, they would have lost, instead, they were silent, thus giving them power over their direction.

It is the same way with the Muslims prior to 9/11, many of them were peaceful people, but they gave silent consent to the radicals, it was 9/11 that forced them to wake up to this, as Bush said, either you are with us or against us, the Islamic world had to decide. Now did this clear everything up? No, there is still terrible problems there, the Islamic world right now is fighting for their soul, you have a large portion there fighting to bring radical fundamentalism there, you have other leaders like Egypt’s Sisi who are openly expressing the need to modernize Islam, to leave behind the violent tendencies that faith has practiced for years.

What we never stopped doing though, was making up excuses, we came out and said that these Muslims attacking were not true Muslims, yet ask what they did that Mohammad did not, no one can answer, for they are following the path Mohammad took, he wiped out whole groups of people, some Arabs think this is fine, it isn’t. We need to be honest, Islam is a violent faith, it’s not a religion only, it is very much a political way of life with its own judicial laws, political writings, everything involved, we need to demand, if you wish to live with us in the West, then you must reject this part of the writings, or go back home.

And before you yell that Christians were doing this type of thing, I must ask, when? The crusades were between 700 and 900 years ago, much of our understanding of life has changed. We no longer bleed the sick, cast demons out of people with cancer, try to tell people not to bathe least demons invade them, we have grown up past those superstitions, the violence that was done then has overwhelmingly for hundreds of years now been rejected by all of Christianity.

And if you are going to yell about Judaism, I beg to ask when this time period was that people scream about, when the ancient Hebrews went into Canaan wiped out much of the population there and built their nation, last I checked that was around 2,500 years, you think the world has changed in 1,000 years, it has really changed from the Bronze age. The Jews don’t support this type of thing, and before someone stupidly tries to bring up genocide against the so-called Palestinians, I must ask, they were listed as a population of 700,000 in 1948, today they number over 12 million, what has Israel been doing, bombing them with fertility pills?

The excuses are many, the answers seem few. So what did we learn? We learned that radicalism, if not called out, be it Islamic, the nonsense we have today from the left, from whatever source; if it is not called out, it can hurt us. We have learned that unity only went so far, when the US was done being attacked we stopped having unity, then along came Obama and did all he could to rip this nation apart, setting race and political views against each other, we are now much more divided then we were on 9/11, I would venture to say more so then since any time in our history other than the civil war.

Have our politicians finally learned that it is good to call out radical Islam? No, they are still falling over themselves trying to make excuses, they are afraid the Muslims here will accuse them of bigotry, or Islamophobia. They need to learn to tell them to shut up, if it walks like a duck, quacks like one, I promise you, it is a duck. We need to call out radical Islam for what it is. We don’t need to disrespect, Trump did not do so when he went to Saudi Arabia and openly stated there is such a problem, that the Saudi’s and the Arab world need to take a lead in fighting this, only disagree that the Saudi’s should lead in this, they are the second most radical nation there is, behind Iran.

The great news though seems to be our security organizations like the FBI and others learned from this, there have not been any more large-scale attacks, although we have seen plenty of small ones. I say a good job, please keep it up! They at least learned from 9/11 and have worked tirelessly to prevent another.

There is much to do, much to learn, I pray that we don’t forget 9/11 in our fight within, if we do, we will be doomed to have a repeat of 9/11. Today we have two paths this nation is looking at, one is willing to vote for what is right, to call out evil, the other side wants to attack everything we have stood for, wrong is right, and they will not be happy until you forget your morals for them, this is where America is at, but we have patriots that want to continue to keep this nation great, we will be doing so in 2 months at the voting booth.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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