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LeBron James Upset After Being Called a “Woke Coward” from Colby Covington for His Hypocrisy

LeBron James Upset After Being Called a “Woke Coward” from Colby Covington for His Hypocrisy

Lebron James, the woke spokesperson for Black Lives Matter and all things progressive for the Democrats has no problem with making his views heard, but has taken personally the attacks against him by Colby Covington, an MMA fighter, for being a coward for calling out violence on side of the Isle, but supports it on the other.

Colby Covington had quite a few things to say after he won the UFC title. A few of those were for NBA Superstar LeBron James. Covington called LBJ a ‘spineless coward’.  

Covington beat Tyron Woodley UFC Fight Night main event on Saturday. Colby dedicated his win to the frontline workers who are working tirelessly amid the pandemic. He also took a shot at ‘woke athletes’ like LeBron James.

LeBron James fires back at Covington

LeBron James waited for over a day to respond to Covington’s comments. Following the Lakers’ Game 2 win over the Nuggets on Sunday, James finally responded.

He called out all of his critics for never being able to do what he does on the court and just put out stray statement to undermine his legacy on and off the court.

The statement of his was a generic one, but seems to be a subtle dig at Covington for his ‘spineless coward’ comment.

James does on the court; no one denies he is one of the best of all time; the problem is what he does off the court. He is the first to call out others for racism, yet is one of the significant offenders himself, supports the attacks against cops by domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM, yet when cops are ambushed and shot, he refuses to utter a peep about this. I must say, good for Covington, about time someone called him out.

LeBron is an active voice against what he sees as social injustices, mocked tirelessly at the same time for his over the top hypocrisy, racist statements. Yet, the press and the NBA let’s him get by with statements against whites while allowing his toxic racism to go free.

LeBron has brought this on himself, now in typical leftist fashion will try to claim he is somehow the victim in all of this, we all know better.

Professional sports are experiencing a rapid decline of viewers, they seem unwilling or unable to see much of this is due to their political stances alienating half their audience, but that doesn’t matter to them, so long as they show how ‘woke’ they are.

One has to wonder, when the time for the next contract comes up, and we continue to see a decline in viewership, is ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX going to be willing to shell out the big bucks for a very much reduced viewership? I hope not.

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