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Left Attacks Free Speech As Something That Should Be Stopped At All Cost

Left Attacks Free Speech As Something That Should Be Stopped At All Cost

When looking at the left, we see that free speech, and ideas that challenge the standard way of thought, this is something that should be stopped, crushed, and extinguished regardless of cost.

We hear their none stop attacks against faith, claiming it is closed-minded, but one has to ask, how are they any different than religious zealots? They attack if you dare disagree with them, try to silence you, and cut off your access if you dare question the narrative they are standing up for; how is this any different from the many radical religious zealots we have today?

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We see this attack with the disdain the Left shows towards free speech, like the people who support it are doing this for some nefarious reason:

“At the end f the day,” former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao tweeted” Tuesday, “the free-speechers really just want to be able to use racist slurs. CW: racism, immaturity, stupidity, and even more racism and extreme stupidity. They don’t really don’t care about sharing new ideas or encouraging freedom other than the freedom to harass other people off the platform.” Pao included a screenshot of a message she received, loaded with anti-Chinese slurs.

As a one-time spouse to an Asain wife, such statements are distasteful, but why should we halt this type of speech but allow someone like Ellon Pao to dictate what speech should be allowed or not?

When she was alive, my wife used to tell me: “You don’t fight ignorance and prejudice by silencing it; if you silence it, you make it more appealing. You also don’t try to out-hate; you only give justification to the haters. You expose hate speech for what it is, use education to expose it, then give alternatives to the listener. This causes the speaker to silence themselves.”

“You don’t fight ignorance and prejudice by silencing it, if you silence it, you make it more appealing. You also don’t try to out-hate, you only give justification to the haters. You expose hate speech for what it is, use education to expose it, then give alternatives to the listener, this causes the speaker to silence themselves.

My wife was much wiser than I am; being a typical male, I found it easier to pound sense into these people. She had a better reserve of common sense than I ever had.

Yet this is what the Left is doing; they assault you if they don’t agree with your speech, making others wonder what it is that they are so fearful of doesn’t work; they get Big Tech to silence you, encouraging people to see what it is that they are burying. Are there racists and haters out there? Of course there is, but this has nothing to do with this; they have classified all disagreements with them as based on racism and hatred, yet most times, it is a difference of perspective. It has nothing to do with hate or race.

The leaders of Big Tech hold this attitude; Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal said in 2018 that Twitter should “focus less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed. Where our role is particularly emphasized is who can be heard. And so increasingly our role is moving towards how we recommend content … how we direct people’s attention.

Meanwhile, according to Fortune magazine, Facebook has been “clamping down on hate, increasing penalties for users who repeatedly share misinformation, and linking readers of any post related to COVID-19 to information from government sources.” What if those government sources share “misinformation”? That possibility is not considered, nor is the change of what constitutes approved opinion over time.

Here is the problem with Facebook and Twitter, if you had said that Hunter’s laptop held sensitive information that could bring the Biden regime down, they would have silenced you during the last election; today, this is held by even the mainstream news. This has nothing to do with censoring the news; rather, it has everything to do with controlling the narrative. Truth has little relation to this.

The same with COVID. If you had gone two years ago and told people to wear masks, you would have been shut down, your post deleted on Facebook and Twitter, but if you say you should not wear a mask now, you will face the same.

Google has done more; if you are financed with Google Adsense, if they perceive that you say that events leading up to the Ukraine and Russia war caused the Russians to attack, they will cut off your funding, claiming you are saying Ukraine asked for it. It does not matter if you never said this; such ” narrative ” sharing the reason can’t be tolerated. How dare you people’s different reasons than what the mainstream media pushes.

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The Left and Big Tech are teaching that if those “free-speechers” were given free rein, they might end up directing people’s attention away from the opinions and views approved by the elites. People might even start thinking for themselves.

“Hate speech” is dangerous because it is left undefined, and yet those who use the term generally assume they know what it means. It’s generally understood as referring to a speech that is disparaging, offensive, and insulting to a particular group, or to an individual because of his group characteristics, but the groups in question are invariably ones for which the Left is showing particular concern.

Sadly, with the Left, “hate speech” is anything that does not agree with their ideology, if you dare stray you will be called a racist, bigoted, or worse, a free-speecher.

It turns out the Left calls names, attacks, and demeans people based on their race, that is fine, but if some idiot makes a racist remark, which I may add is indefensible, they think that our rights should suffer so they never are faced with this again.

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