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Left Goes Back To Playing Racism Card With “Monkey This Up” Claim!

Left Goes Back To Playing Racism Card With “Monkey This Up” Claim!

It seems today slights are no longer the only thing to get people outraged, today a perception of a slight is enough to set the teeth chattering and wails of racism to be raised from the left. While I find all forms of racism despicable, by creating racism where none is shown, you run the risk of desensitizing people; soon no one will care. Thus the racism card is thrown out.

We have seen for years now, more so since Obama took office, any criticism, anything perceived as racist, does not matter if the intent was not there, is seen as a racist attack, so things taken entirely out of context are used to make claims of racism, thus numbing the public over time to what is the truth, the talking heads on the networks are only concerned how they can spin something, not report on the truth. If you dared to speak the racism card was slapped down, now you were in a position to defend yourself from something that was never done.


In an interview the other day Congressman Ron DeSantis said, “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state,” this was said while on a FOX interview. The word monkey, even though it was thrown out in a way to say if you throw a wrench or something else into the gears, “to mess this up,” that did not matter, the fact that monkey was DARED to be used in the same sentence, and you were speaking of the elections, and the opposition was African American, the racism card wasted little time being held, it was thrown down.

This is how pathetic the press has become, they knew, as well as all of us, the “monkey” term was not used in association with a person, it was referred to in the way of an act, but that did not matter, because of the use of this term, and his opposition was black, that seems to mean to the left you can’t even be seen as injecting any word that can be twisted to be seen as racist, the racism card is played out, the press runs with the story, a fake news is spread.

This brings me to the point of thinking of a story that was told to me, many of us have used it, the boy that cried wolf. Many of us remember the story, there was a boy that was a shepherd, one night when he was bored and needed some amusement screamed there was a wolf, the villagers hearing this grabbed whatever they could find, rush to his aid, when they got there, he was laughing at them. They were angry, but he was a child, so they scolded him and went home.

The next day he did the same when he was bored, they ran again to his defense, but this time was very angry that he would do this, the next time when a wolf did show up, he screamed at the top of his lungs, yet even though the village could hear him, no one cared, nor did anyone run to his rescue. This is what we have now.

The press and the left have used this racism card to attack  trying to shut up opposition, with Obama if you dared to criticize a policy, it had nothing to do with his ethnicity, you were labeled a racist, even if you had equally criticized others in the same way, because he was black, any criticism was attacked as racially motivated.

We now see this with other elections; you have the dingbat of all dingbats, Maxine Waters, today she says the stupidest things, you dare to criticize her, the racist card is thrown down, then the calls that this is racism reverberate all over the DNC, even she screams this.

I would never dream of telling someone not to run, but if you are going to play this card, then I must ask, why are you even running, are you so thin-skinned that you are going to allow others to make up slights and fight your battles for you, what happens when you are leading? And if a class seems to think they are immune from criticism, then why are they even running, I want nothing to do with someone that thinks they can’t be questioned. While they scream about Trump being a dictator, this is what true dictatorship is about.

I am tired of this, today when I hear this nonsense, I tune it out, simply don’t care, this is a terrible danger, for I hear many others that are saying the same thing, so what happens when real racism does raise its ugly head, are we all going to be like those villagers and not care anymore? If a candidate uses this, or even if they refuse to comment on this, I view it as cowardly; I will never vote for them, could care less what their message is, they lost me when they allowed this racism card to be played.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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