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Left Is Now Demanding no oversight of Intel Agencies.

Left Is Now Demanding no oversight of Intel Agencies.

I find it interesting, the Left used to be the champion of transparency, to have the various Intel Agencies under strict oversight, now they are fighting for just the opposite, one has to wonder, why?

Due to the secretive nature of our intel community, and I must tell you, I strongly support our agencies but believe that oversight is not only necessary for the security of our nation, but is imperative to our republic if it is to survive.

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We have seen in the past nations come under the control of security services, Russia is a great example, while the Tsar had his internal intel agencies, the much-feared Okhrana, his secret police. The Communist upon taking power than put in place the NKVD and later the KGB after the death of Stalin. Even today, Russia still has the FSB, which is just a rebranded KGB.

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But Russia is not the only nation that has done this, every country that is not a free nation needs to have a secret intel or police force to control the populous, most times fear of what will happen if you fall into these people’s hands is a useful tool by itself.

Groups that are no longer in use, like the KGB, Gestapo, and others, they are still studied, are looked at to see if the tools they used to control their masses could be used by some modern dictatorship.

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Other nations, more specifically in the Middle East Kingdoms, they use their religious police to try to force morality on their people, collect dossiers of anyone they believe is not faithful, then hold the information until mass purges are performed. Most times behind this religious police force is a much more sinister domestic spy agencies, all of these set in place to the desire of a single or small group of individuals, the Saudi Royal family are a great example of this.

Peaceful nations are not exempt from this, nor are democracies, the greater the threat from either outside or inside forces, the greater the need for this type of internal group. But the difference between most democracies, or republics, is these groups are usually under some oversight to prevent widespread abuse.

We have the same thing in the US. We have the NSA, CIA that watch for outside forces that wish to not only direct hostile intent on the US but also to look for bad actors that they are able to infiltrate within our ranks. Groups like the FBI, they were set up as a federal policing force, but as we had seen under the Obama administration, they were rapidly turned from a police force to a hammer for the political leadership in power.

Our Congress was given oversight of these groups, but it is hard to see oversight enacted with the Congress is fine with weaponizing these agencies for their own political gain. While I understand that the nature of government is political, it is imperative that we strive to have the most apolitical intel agencies possible, they should be concerned with security, not internal political matters.

What is worse, now we have the left arguing that oversight of the intel community is unpatriotic, I would say it’s the opposite of this. What they are really saying is that with Barr and others calling the leadership to question over their role in the 2016 election, they don’t feel that these actions should be called to question, most definitely not investigated.

Tucker exposed this very well on Friday, I find it interesting that some were insulted by this. We need to remember, all government officials, from the president down, they answer to us, and by that I mean either we directly or by our elected representatives.

This is the other great danger facing our republic, Congress whom we elected into power have little interest in oversight, they seem to think that they now are an investigation branch, demanding that Trump and all his associates open themselves to an endless investigation, what is even worse, they have no reason to investigate, or probable cause, rather, just to dig until they find dirt on him, this is a violation of Trump’s legal protection as a citizen.

We as a people need to demand our representatives do what we elected them to do, if not, then it is time to remind them that they are replaceable.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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