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Left Now Saying Impeachment Isn’t Enough, They Want An Annulment

Left Now Saying Impeachment Isn’t Enough, They Want An Annulment

Clinton’s Secretary of Laborer, Robert Reich said that impeachment is no longer enough, he demands that any removal of Trump has to include all actions he put in place dissolved, and all memory of him wiped out. No longer are the never Trump crown happy with just an impeachment, they want an annulment, an erasing of all things associated with Trump.

University of California public-policy professor Robert Reich said Trump’s impeachment and removal from office wouldn’t be enough. That even his indictment wouldn’t be enough.

He wrote that the Trump administration “should be annulled,” in toto.

He asked his readers to consider the possibility that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “finds overwhelming and indisputable evidence that Trump conspired with [Russian President] Putin to rig the 2016 election and that the rigging determined the election’s outcome,” leading to even congressional Republicans and Fox News to seek Trump’s ouster.

Such a finding may seem like la-la land (Trump insists there was no collusion and calls Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt”), but Reich asks us to humor him.

“In other words,” he wrote of this scenario in which there’s hard evidence that Trump worked with Russia to win the election, “Trump’s presidency is not authorized under the United States Constitution.”

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Reich continued:

[I]mpeachment would not remedy Trump’s unconstitutional presidency because it would leave in place his vice president, White House staff and cabinet, as well as all the executive orders he issued and all the legislation he signed, and the official record of his presidency.

The only response to an unconstitutional presidency is to annul it. Annulment would repeal all of it — recognizing that such appointments, orders, rules, and records were made without constitutional authority.

One can’t make this up the anger of the left over what they see as an illegitimate win, even though to date there is not a shred of evidence that Russia in any way helped Trump win the elections, their actions were amateurish at best, I would think my 13 year old could do better then they did, and this does not include the fact that to date there is no evidence whatsoever of any Trump collusion with the Russians, but does not prevent these fools from trying to go down this rabbit hole.
What is more striking, they not only want Trump gone, they demand that Pence as well be ousted, now sure how they come to the conclusion that this is how it would work under the constitution, Pence has never shown a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing, but they want everyone, Trump, all his staff, his supreme court pick or picks if they pass the latest nominee, all justices removed from office, and a complete do-over.
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This has passed from whistful thinking to acting like a 3-year-old and throwing a tantrum when they don’t get their way, what is even more worrisome is that these are some of the leaders of the DNC that are now doing this.
We see a ratcheting up of rhetoric, one has to wonder, how long before they feel they are justified to bring hundreds of thousands of their followers to Washington, storm the white house and try to remove Trump by force? It seems like they fail to realize with half this nation supporting Trump, and the armed ones, I may add, they would put in motion a civil war they would lose all control of in a hurry if they tried, but that matters not, only their all-consuming hatred matters.
They are no longer happy with the thought of just removing Trump, they have lost all semblance of sanity and now are pushing for a complete Stalin type erasure of all memory of Trump, give it time, they will also demand his children, all family, his assets be wiped out as well. Annulment is what they are pushing for, what’s next?

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