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How The Left Is Trying To Manipulate The 2020 Census

How The Left Is Trying To Manipulate The 2020 Census

The census taken since the beginning of this nation has been done for two reasons, first, to allocate the correct number of delegates for representation, second, to assign the funding for an area to meet the needs or demands of the people. But this is now wanting to be upended by the left; they want to throw a variable to give representation where none should be provided.

So why is this census such a big deal? It has everything to do with representation; if you are going to include illegals into this mix, then you will be giving area’s that support and shelter illegal immigrants a greater voice in Congress then what they should have.

See the source imageOur representatives were never intended to be elected to represent people who should not be here in the first place, if your here illegally you should be afforded no representation, for sure not be able to pull resources from area’s with a higher number of citizens so that the needs of non-citizens can be taken care of. The solution for this is simple if you don’t like it, leave, move back to where you are a citizen, where representation is afforded you.

By trying to do a go around by changing the way the census is conducted, we see the same type of thing the Democrats did back in the day of slavery, they demanded that slaves be counted as a 1/2 a person, even though these people had no rights, no citizenship, were not even allowed to represented or have legal rights, but they demanded for the sake of their power that they at least be counted for  representation in half their numbers so as to give slaveholding area’s greater representation then their numbers warranted.

See the source imageNow I know someone is going to say,  “Look, Tim is supporting slavery!” This is far from that, what I am showing is a historic move by the Democrats harkening back to the days where they supported slavery, fought over it and eventually tried to split this nation up over this issue. We now see the same thing with illegals, but they are pushing for more then they were back in the slave days, they want to give these illegals because they know they will vote for them, the right to have a say in our government.

We need to be firm in this, no one, that is not a citizen, should have any say in our government. If we allow this with this upcoming census, soon the left will have their way of letting others to have a vote in our elections, something that should be fought against at all cost.

This is coming down to the loss of appeal for the middle class with the DNC, the turning away of the middle class is forcing them to look elsewhere to keep in power. Thus they are looking to the illegal votes to get what they can’t by our citizens.

We now see the real intent behind the left’s opposition to the wall, they don’t want to secure our borders, will happily sacrifice the future of their kids and ours as well to stay in power, that is why the DNC lost, we had a hiccup due to the GOP Congress having such a huge turn around, with the number of GOP retirements, also, the lack of getting much done when they had a chance, many of the seats were turned, but I promise you will see another complete switch come 2020 as the American people see the Democrats have nothing but obstruction to offer.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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