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Leftist Have Meltdown Over Twitter Sale, Bezos Attacks Musk, MSNBC Worries Twitter Could Ban Politicians, Rig Election.

Leftist Have Meltdown Over Twitter Sale, Bezos Attacks Musk, MSNBC Worries Twitter Could Ban Politicians, Rig Election.

The sale has been approved; Free speech advocate Elon Musk is now taking over Twitter. While this news has been received with joy by all advocates of free speech, it turns out the people who have supported censorship and silencing of all speech they don’t agree with this has caused them to turn into a state of panic.


We have the usual Leftist response; they will move, deplatform from Twitter, but others, like Bezos, got much more creative.

Interesting question. Did the Chinese government gain a bit of leverage over the town square? – Jeff Bezos

So, let me get this right? Because people buy a lot of Tesla’s in China, does this mean China controls Tesla? This is the typical attack by implying that something is there that isn’t. The real problem is that one of the links in Big Tech is in danger of no longer being an echo chamber for them; people may have the right to voice opinions and beliefs different than what is acceptable to the Left. This is something that sends people like Bezos into a panic.

The three pillars of the phony and hypocritical Leftist “human rights” establishment, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), have come out against it as well.

Reuters, adopting the solemn, even funereal tone it reserves for significant Leftist setbacks, noted Monday that Musk has described himself as a “free speech absolutist” and has called the freedom of expression the “bedrock of a functioning democracy.” That’s exactly what it is, and that’s why Leftists are enraged that someone who believes such things has gained control of one of the only means of mass communication in our age. They had become complacent in their control of such outlets, as confident of their power’s rightness as any medieval king was in his divine election. Still, now their hegemony has been severely challenged. So it’s time to try to shape public opinion by calling out the self-appointed and reliably Leftist “defenders of human rights” to explain why this is so wrong.

Deborah Brown, whom Reuters describes as a “digital rights researcher and advocate” at Human Rights Watch, asserted: “Regardless of who owns Twitter, the company has human rights responsibilities to respect the rights of people worldwide who rely on the platform. Changes to its policies, features, and algorithms, big and small, can have disproportionate and sometimes devastating impacts, including offline violence. Freedom of expression is not an absolute right, so Twitter needs to invest in efforts to keep its most vulnerable users safe on the platform.”

In other words, in protecting the vulnerable, there need to be controls set on Twitter; having your own opinion on things should not be allowed.

As was written by PJ Media:

See, it’s all about preventing violence. As the Left relentlessly insists, conservative speech not only leads to violence, but itself amounts to violence. If Twitter allows freedom of speech, people are going to get hurt. This argument would have a great deal more force if Human Rights Watch had ever called out Antifa or Black Lives Matter violence or if the “white supremacists” that Biden and Merrick Garland and other Leftists keep insisting are the biggest terror threat the nation faces today actually showed themselves, or if HRW had ever shown concern about Leftist violence against those who dissent from its agenda.

Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU, declared that the real problem was Musk himself: “While Elon Musk is an ACLU card-carrying member and one of our most significant supporters, there’s a lot of danger having so much power in the hands of anyone individual.” Yet that individual has declared his determination to let people speak whose opinions are marginalized and demonized by the political and media elites. The ACLU’s real concern seems to be that the cultural power that has been almost solely in the hands of the Left for so long may not be its exclusive property for much longer. Funny that I never heard this complaint from the ACLU when Twitter was controlled by Jack Dorsey and was censoring conservative speech. The ACLU could care less about civil liberties, only liberal ideology.

And then we had Michael Kleinman, director of technology and human rights at Amnesty International USA, sees trouble ahead:

“The last thing we need is a Twitter that willfully turns a blind eye to violent and abusive speech against users, particularly those most disproportionately impacted, including women, non-binary persons, and others.” Right. Those who call for violence and illegal behavior should indeed be deplatformed. But the self-anointed guardians of acceptable opinion have for far too long regarded any disagreement as violent, hateful, and abusive. If free society is to continue, that must end. All free people must hope that Elon Musk can actually make this happen. If he does, the reverberations will be felt far beyond Twitter.

So this protection, according to all of these groups, should only extend to these people they see as vulnerable, but conservative thought, people that dare question the motives of these groups, should be silenced; their rights and protections don’t matter.

And then there was the usual meltdown by Twitter users and people who work for Twitter:

BREAKING: ShaunKing has deleted his Twitter account – Jack Posobiec

Here you have MSNBC upset because Elon Musk could ban the candidates he wishes; hmm, isn’t this what Twitter did to Trump?

Then you have the people who think they have a right to tell others how to spend their money.

Elon Musk could have given his $44Billion to the government to fight hunger and homelessness. Next year there would be just as many hungry, homeless Americans but more wealthy politicians. – Johnny Bricks.

It’s funny how the Left thinks they have a right to dictate to others how to spend their money.

We then have Robert Reich, the tiny man with a big complex that seems to hate everything republican:

When billionaires like Elon Musk justify their motives by using “freedom,” beware. What they actually seek is freedom from accountability. – Robert Reich

But here you see his doublespeak of him when dealing with censorship of Twitter:

Last year he attacked Trump for suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google for violating his free speech, saying, “Someone should remind him that they’re private companies to which the 1st amendment doesn’t apply.”

But upon hearing that Musk brought out the platform, he then Tweets:

Musk and his apologist say if consumers don’t like what he does to Twitter, they can go elsewhere. But where can consumers go to post short messages that can reach millions of people other then Twitter? The “free market” increasingly reflects the demands of big money.

So, conservatives, or Trump, should understand it is a privately held company, they can censor whom they please, but now that an actual advocate of free speech takes over, it is a problem? It seems I am correct; if he did not have double standards, he would not have any at all.

This perfectly sums up the left. To them, Elon Musk’s aptitude is determined by his degrees & not the fact that he did what all the Phds at NASA combined can’t seem to do efficiently. They think Phds in gender studies are worth more than real people with actual accomplishments! – Donald Trump Jr.

Then there were personal attacks against Musk:

Elon musk buying Twitter is a dream come true for white nationalists. After all, musk is from the former apartheid country of South Africa, which the white supremacists idolize. – Dean Obeidallah.

I must say this wins an “A” for the stupidest post yet, so because there was once Apartheid in South Africa, Musk came from there; somehow, he is bringing it here??

Musk was born in 1971; Apartheid ended in South Africa when he was in 1990 when Mendalla was freed from prison and became South Africa’s leader four years later. So a 19-year-old is somehow responsible for this? As for apartheid, it has returned to South Africa, only this time directed at the whites.

Then there was the mocking of the far-left:

An African American immigrant that manufactures electric cars is now protecting free speech for everyone, and the left is somehow mad. – The Hodgetwins

Elon Musk buying Twitter terrifies the left because they don’t want their power to censor conservatives threatened. – Senator Marsha Blackburn

Airports should be packed today with those people threatening to leave the country if Elon Musk acquires Twitter. – Joe Concha

To the punk-ass Twitter algorithm monkey who decided to suspend the @TheBabylonBee, thereby pissing off @Elonmusk: – Monica Crowley.

Employees of Twitter were not taking it great either, according to FOX:

In reaction to news of the sale, some employees shared tear-filled emojis and memes of emotional breakdowns. In some cases, employees were “too in shock to speak” about the company’s future.

Twitter held an employee town hall on Monday where management reportedly struggled to adequately answer questions about the company’s view on free speech going forward, future layoffs, and whether Twitter will earn revenue from advertising.

Totally understand that this is entertainment for some,” one Twitter employee tweeted. “But please understand that this is certainly not entertainment for me.”

The news today is so crazy I literally forgot I have COVID,” another posted.

New York Times reporter Talmon Joseph Smith tweeted that the mood inside Twitter HQ is “absolutely insane” with an internal source telling him, “I feel like I’m going to throw up..I really don’t wanna work for a company that is owned by Elon Musk.”

One has a right to gloat, take glee if the Leftist panic as they run around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling. What has happened is American ideals have taken a front seat, saying that censoring free speech and silencing any view you don’t agree with is not acceptable in our nation; it looks like Musk listened and put Lady Liberty back where she belongs.

But this battle is not yet over; the Left is already talking about having the government step in and take over control of these platforms to guarantee “free speech,” what they want is the government to censor it now that their control is slipping. In Europe, the calls for this are growing, expect Europe to demand an accounting of all speech; the great thing is, I don’t live in Europe, so I could care less if they are offended or not.


The attacks against Musk have already begun; wait, they will do all they can to destroy him; he is the biggest threat the Left faces today.

It is good to take a moment to enjoy the victory in this war, but a battle does not determine a war, nor does this now silence the Left. They will come back with a vengeance and do this across the world where they control things and demand that all voices they disagree with be silenced.

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